Dude, My Apple TV doesn't want to let me watch Amazon Prime.......

Discussion in 'Television/Internet TV/VOD/DVD' started by the_Ja_me_s, Aug 15, 2019.

  1. And I'm almost at the end of The Boys!!!!! God Dammnnnnnitttttt!!!!!
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  2. I hate apple.
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  3. I haven't watched that yet.....might give it a try now
  4. I really dislike having to upgrade every few years. But I think that's with any device.
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  5. It's so good. The first episode had me hooked.
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  6. nothing is made with the intent for lasting anymore on purpose. Consumerism. :)
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  7. Anchor Free is a free VPN to attach to ur tv
  8. Shit. What will you do when Picard comes on?
  9. Is the prime app updated? I have to turn off power to Apple TV, home pod, and my router every couple days to keep everything “together” and working properly. As someone else said I also hate Apple and I have a MacBook Pro, phone, watch, Apple TV, and home pod. Just waiting on them to shit out so I can go back to Android and my fire tv box

  10. But you obviously used to like "them".......right? :smoking-bong:
  11. Unless it’s available in the App Store u can’t get it. M
    here and there. I mainly use my Alienware laptop. Had MacBook aver a year and used it 2-4 times. Others yes LIKE I SAID I’m waiting on them to shit out. Don’t mean Apple products don’t suck

  12. and I thought I was the only one watching ....? lol Excellent show

  13. Hey just an FYI on the App Store and downloading new Apps for Mac OS. You can download Apps from external websites you do not have to go through the App Store. This is in reference to Mac OS, not sure about iPhone, iPad, or Apple Tv OS. One example is a Web Browser Vivaldi, it isn't in the App Store but many more functions pertaining to privacy and security. Hope this helps.....

    Also what generation/OS version is your Apple TV that is giving you problems?
  14. On my iPhone I use to go to a third party site and get a few free paid apps like snap chat and a few games but every week u would have to delete and redo it all. Stopped doing that a couple years ago. Never tried it on macbook
  15. I'm using an older MacBook Pro Late 2011 10.12.6 Sierra. Had the chance a while back to update to Highsierra but after talking to a tech from Mac I decided not to download it. He said it would prob slow it down a bit, but I really wish I had downloaded it now. There are so many apps that I can't use or download anymore cause software is to old. Nothing wrong with the hardware at all, hell the damn thing looks new, I've got a SSD HD to put in it, just haven't got around to it yet.

    Edited to say: Try to stop the Automatic Updates, will help a little. But not sure if it will completely solve your issue.

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