Dude, Mary J Blige gets cussed out by a little white girl

Discussion in 'General' started by moltar512, Mar 23, 2006.

  1. huh.......interesting.

    she was just going to beat that little girl up?? SHES A LITTLE GIRL- why are you so focused on what she says, shes like 8.... shes little.

    then again, where does a girl that young get a mouth like that...??

    ...damn parenting.
  2. I really don't get why she said that but aither way it was funny.
  3. The english accent was like the icing on the cake.
  4. Its a shame MJB couldn't have but that little girl over her knee and beat that little ass. That is really ridiculous.
  5. That was funny how she took it so seriously +Rep made me rofl
  6. cockney charvers
  7. Hahaha...

    I'd been like "CUZ I GOT MONEY BITCH!"
  8. lol she had wats comin to her.... bitch culdnt even hav takin 2min of her time to sign her own name for a young fan? wat a role model
  9. haha that's too funny
  10. Yea how stupid was that MJB took it like so serious. lol.
  11. She shouldnt have taken it so seriously...
    But I do think that that little shit's parents need to smack her around the room once or twice. Seriously, parenting is so awful these days...parents will do anything for their kids, and hell if their kid ever screws up- its someone elses fault.
  12. Haha! What?

    MJB is a bitch, I wish I could choke her like she said she was gonna choke that girl.
  13. she took it serious because its a respect thing.
  14. Predator1, I LOVE your avatar! And I agree with everything you said. :smoke:
  15. damn right...thats what I wanted to see:D

  16. I was under the impression that these people were waiting for a long time to get autographs from her and as soon as she shows up she immediately walks inside without even acknowledging her fans.
  17. I'm not saying MJB wasn't being a selfish little bitch, but that message doesn't need to be delivered in that way. No. :smoke:

  18. Wasn't the parent not even with her? I thought one of the guys said that the woman next to her wasn't her mother.
  19. MJB had it coming, that stupid bitch.

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