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Dude had this weird feeling last night...anyone else?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by greenbrad420, Sep 29, 2011.

  1. Aite, I smoked more than usually yesterday, probably 5 bowls spread out over 6 hours. Anyways, I smoked my last bowl for the night at like 2AM, started to get kinda dizzy so I decided to sit down in my computer chair. My like throat felt like it was cramping or something, getting tighter, didn't hurt really. Then all of a sudden I couldn't tell if I was breathing lol, my mouth, lips, basically anywhere I have my beard was numb, it was almost like the feeling when you fell asleep in class taking a test and wake up to realize that not only did you fail but you were sleeping on your foot and couldn't feel it anymore, you can feel the pressure on it but everything else is numb, well that's how my face felt and I went to go lay down thinking I was just high and couldn't tell if I was breathing or not, I had to put my hand in front of my face to feel my exhale..

    anyways kinda fuckin' creepy, never had it before. I kept thinking that I was going to die or that I was already dead lol, anyone have a guess onto what was happening?
  2. You got too high brother, atleast thats what it sounds like. Moderation is key when it comes to smoking weed, and if it does happen again remain calm and sleep it off! Happy smoking man.
  3. you were just really high. does this really need an explination? xD
  4. You were high as hell :smoke:
  5. High as fuck with a mild case of panic attack due to falling into it from being so high.. omg. i never get as high anymore. i smoke an entire gram at once and im NICE but never get those feelings again.. i wish i can TASTE the food again instead of it just being the same high or not :(
  6. Really high, potentially a panic attack.
  7. yo can you take a pic of that beard :ey:
  8. if shit like that happens just keep telling yourself "everythings fine, im smoking weed, nothing bad can happen from smoking weed"
  9. yep. they're anxiety symptoms twisted in a somewhat psychedelic way due to marijuana's inherent properties.
  10. I don't think I was too high my tolerance is wrought naw meen I think I was having a mild panic attack or something, combination of lack of sleep, no food and some hefty tree makes me sick I guess. thnx

    you can see my beard at beardporn.com
  11. Since his throat felt like it was getting tighter and he said it felt like he was barely breathing, you guys think he's allergic as well?
  12. u were baked and probably had a little freak out because u were feeling strange shit.

    another possiblity is you could be starting to get sick.....symptoms usually kick in at night

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