Dude...did you ever notice that 8:52 looks like

Discussion in 'General' started by Tuor, Aug 7, 2011.

  1. It kinda looks like a 2-story building (8), two birds flying ( : ), and a tree (52 on a digital clock)?

    I mean I know I'm pretty fucking high, but seriously :cool: just need a bit of imagination
  2. I have a very big imagination but what the fuck?? I want some of what your smoking. :laughing:
  3. eh I guess that's kinda out there but I had the thought and figured I'd post it on the internet

    :smoke: lol
  4. Haha you sir are buttterrred
  5. holy shit dude i want your hookups
  6. ok i see the building and the birds but u lose me at the tree
  7. the top of the 5 and the 2 combine to be the top of the tree, and the bottom of both numbers are the trunk and the ground on either side...

  8. Bed looks like a bed lol
  9. oooo..
    ok i got it ..
    not so much of an oak tree but an even willow tree
  10. looks more like a heart than a tree but I see where youre going
  11. I have a conclusion your baked 8===D~~~
  12. Turn your head sideways it looks like 2 people on the same toilet.
  13. i've looked at this from every angle and I see nothing but 8:52

  15. That's weird .... at the fully upside down angle I see 25:8 :cool:
  16. Wanna know what I see at 4:20?

    Some herb been set aflame.
  17. Did you guys know that bed looks kinda like a bed?
  18. Hahaha you're fuckin blazed

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