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Dude, BP is completey FUCKED!

Discussion in 'Science and Nature' started by Señor PoopiePants, May 28, 2010.

  1. i read today if the relief well idea fails (which is possible) and they cant figure something else out the broken well could leak oil for a decade...

    and smoking pot is illegal:rolleyes:
  2. Whoever said we are going to have cheap gas after this debacle is an idiot. I drove past a BP station a couple of days ago and their price for regular was $3.09 about twenty cents more expensive then the station across the street. Honestly fuck them. Obama has done nothing throughout this. He could have proved his leadership abilities and influence through this disaster, but has only proved weakness. America is proving to be weak and disorganized on so many levels right now.

    And how we are not able to fix this baffles me? We can build space rovers that travel to mars, that withstand all the elements in space and the pressure and heat of reentry into the atmosphere, but we can fix this? Whoever said that a pipe being lowered down that low would collapse is foolish as well because that is exactly what they were using to pump the oil out originally. There could be no better time than now to research and invest more heavily in renewable and clean energy sources. This has to end.

    One last thing. Virginia's Govenor McDonell went to visit Louisiana's Govenor a couple of weeks ago. After visiting the gulf coast and seeing the reprecussions of this disaster he proceeded to state his concerns that Virginia invest and begin to start offshore drilling practices here. What an idiot. As if the Chesapeake Bay wasn't on the brink of disaster already. Exactly what we need is a spill like this to decimate the economies of the whole northeast.
  3. BP needs to stop drilling in the United States. BP has had hundreds of safety violations in the past and now this fiasco. Exxon Mobil and other companies have only had a few safety violations (besides exxon valedeez spill)

    Also how is BP making all of their money or even staying in business? Their gas is insanely overpriced in my area and I know few people that actually buy gas at the one or two BP stations of my whole city.

    7 billion in profits? Get the fuck out
  4. tony haywood (spell check) is a fucking dumbass

    soooooooooooo is this the forum that will start the revolution against oil companies and our government??
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    What do you expect of a government that gives bailouts to any massive corporation that asks and still persecutes cannabis users.

    The corruption, stupidity, and ignorance of the American government and the Republican/Democrat system is unmatched.

    Yeah I feel ashamed to call myself an "American".
  6. I normally support our president and all of his policies, but WHY THE FUCK ISN'T HE LAYIN DOWN THE LAW AND FUCKING DOING SOMETHING???

    sure, he walks around the beach and feels the oil, but where the FUCK is the help? Everyone at BP is obviously too damn stupid to plug this leak, so why the fuck isnt the government doing something? We can put a man on the moon in 10 fuckin years but it takes us 45 days to stop a damn oil spill? are we really that incompetent?
  7. yeah fuck bp they ruined the gulf man. those pictures depress me when i see them. i hope those evil fuck corporations don't come to my beaches.
  8. This is fucking AWFUL. Damn it. :mad:

    Where are the aliens NOW, huh? :rolleyes:
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    you can't control them.. they control us. it is until the public becomes aware and educated... then we will see change.

    people live in this illusion that we control our government but its the other way around. at the end of the day, bp is still making money from stupidity.

    you love bp when they give you gas for your car but you hate them when they spill some oil.. lol.
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    Wow Ok this is as far as i can go on this thread... I've read so many false statements here!!!

    First off this is a global disaster; with repercussions we can't comprehend at this time. This is a cultural problem and not one of British Petroleum. ("better petroleum"... WTF dude I hope your joking)

    We as a society have such a reliance on oil that we have allowed disasters like this to be considered acceptable. This was a plausable senario that we as consumers said was acceptable, as long as we get our portable energy. BP just happened to be the lucky winner to have this happen to them. Now they are know for bypassing safety laws and ignoring standers all in the name of progress. BP is the industries leader in new technologies and processes. Look at history.

    Now that fact right there means BP will be just fine at the end of all this. Some nifty PR and political spin will get our blinders re-adjusted and we will go back to voting for Alaska oil rigs, or east coast off-shore platforms.

    The oil industry will take care of there own; if Exxon was a small privet oil company the owner would be in prison and there would be no more Exxon. Well looks like they are still around; and it's becasue they are a valuable part of the oil industry. Our own politicians don't want these corporations to be harmed by this.

    Now to clear up some other facts that I've read that people have wrong. The platform was a drilling one, not a production one. So the relief well wasn't in progress and didn't need to be. Now since the oil industry writes there own BMPs (best management practices) they should really be held accountable for all of this.
    Gas prices will only be artificially inflated from this. Remember that our price is decided by OPEC not BP. So the guy who saw a BP station that was 20c more then some other station look again there is some other reason.

    The "top Kill" or "fill dirt" This is actually called drill mud in the industry and it's magic stuff. It's whats used to seal around stands and cap wells. It's a tricky thing to do when the well is flowing however and that is BP's current struggle. You remember the rubber and golf balls? that was to reduce the flow to cap with drilling mud; it's really the final answer. If an earthquake were to hit it, it settles and becomes more solid because of the composition of the mud. Earthquakes are kinda rare in the gulf though...
    BP and the oil industry really do have the smartest guys in the room; they have all the guys with the alphabet soup behind there name, the techs who have been doing this for ages and have seen it all, as well as the global network of schools and research facilities. Almost sad to say but they are best ones for this job; and I believe that it has reached a point where they know they need to handle this properly.

    Remember that proper information is the best tool to fight these guys. We need to show ourselves that we have entrusted a system with our safety and well being that no longer holds us as the number one priority. perpetual growth leads to compromises that cause an inevitable collapse; we are witnessing that currently and need to awaken before it becomes too late to change.

    peace yall
  11. what was the likelihood of the oil spill happening in the first place?
  12. Yeah - all the people that made good comments in regards to Cameron got thumbs-down in the comments section.

    Seems people don't want Cameron's help. This is what I have to say about that:

    BP can't even fucking fix it. Why not let others in on it???!?!!? What the FUCK?!

    BP is still being secretive - and if anyone can't see that, there is something wrong with them.
  13. bp is just like the CIA. We can't stop them and if you try, you will end up missing.

    note: everyone sees it, you just can't stop it. Simply put, things like this are why outsiders are loling @ America.
  14. Probably one out of every 100 people right now has an idea that might help, but trying to listen or act upon 5,000 of those would be a bit difficult when BP is having a hard enough time executing their own plans right now. At some point, input becomes noise and rather counter-productive.

    That being said, BP should have at least some form of PR campaign that they would be willing to at least hear out suggestions from "outsiders" and hand those ideas off to a group of junior engineers to vet out and pass on if they're realistic and acceptable.

    Nothing against Cameron, but it honestly sounds like he's looking to help the Government get a better look at this disaster from an "independent" point of view, which doesn't really do anything except clarify the gravity of the situation and get the lawyers drooling even harder. His experience and contacts with deep-sea filming equipment isn't going to do much to actually fix the problem, we'll just have a Cameron-esque IMAX-driven 3D-enabled view of an oil spill, complete with Terminator soundtrack. :D

    And arming the lawyers with any more "evidence" is basically pointless when you realize that some people are still waiting for restitution from the Exxon spill 20+ years ago. We'll probably all be dead before this thing is finally settled in the legal system.
  15. and thats the real truth my friends.

  16. What was false about my statement?

    BP didn't dig a relief well because USA regulations said they didn't have to. If BP had an indentical operation in Canadian waters, they would not have been permitted to drill for oil unless they had a relief well in place already.

    Since US regulations said they didn't have to have a relief well, BP chose not to dig one.

    That is the truth.
  17. I have a feeling the candians are looking at us and loling big time.
  18. We're not loling, it's going to effect us a lot also....

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