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Dude, BP is completey FUCKED!

Discussion in 'Science and Nature' started by Señor PoopiePants, May 28, 2010.

  1. We know exactly what will happen. BP will let this whole oil field bleed out and prematurely exhaust/destroy itself, while causing the extinction of various things and the transformation of the gulf of mexico into an oily puddle.

    If the us government would grow some balllllllls, this shit would be seized and the navy would take over, and ideally try to get some international help from other countries with good navy technology.

    And if the UK government would grow a spinnnne, they would seize BP and dismantle them, and sell that shit off ten bucks at a time. Or ten pounds, whatevers....
  2. One guy said it best awhile ago, "Money makes the world go 'round"

    Oil is Money, Money is power, Power is Control, Control is Control. Just like tokinITguy said, we really have no say in this. Citizens have been demoted in the last few decades to only be part of things that will only be concerned about on entertainment levels. Everyone has been shoved into a cell while the greedy government and business owners went to town and got what they wanted, any way necessary.

    I have an option, take 2012 and instead of it being the 'End', turn it into the begining and fight back by any means necessary. Our planet and society has been put into a stranglehold for many many years, it's going to take a lot of strength to escape it. I really doubt much people are willing to put any effort towards that though, meaning disasters like this will get shunned and continue on..
  3. It will be the end of us
  4. The absence of power creates power, power creates corruption and greed.

    So nope.... you can topple it all, and it will be the same the next day.

    But damn, those bolshveks where onto something, ehh... Just gotta topple it all that one last time :rolleyes:
  5. That only hurts the little people. Yeah they see lower profits, but they compensate for less employees.

    You want to get back at them? Try making your own biofuel. We switch to this, what do we need them for?
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    It could be titanium or steel, or some other strong material. You know what he meant. Once it's on the boats (it can be more than one) they can transfer it to barrels or w/e they do. While that's going, they can figure out how to stop the leak. Letting it just empty into the gulf while they think is not the answer. They can store it the same way water is stored for consumption. You don't think your tap water is coming directly from it's source do you?? Nah it gets treated with all kinds of stuff and tested for safety and whatnot before distributed. But oil companies are much more greedy. Think about it. It's a hole. A god damn hole. Doesn't take 40+ days to patch a hole.

    They can get a tube that doesn't completely fill the hole, and patch it up day by day. Place tube, patch some, get smaller tube, patch more, etc. until it's either completely patched or if they decide to keep the line open for easier access its definitely do-able in the time that has surpassed.
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    and how do you know? have you plugged oil wells like this before, do you have experience? If so than please elaborate on why they would try and idea like that now rather than later, because either way it might work and it might not, it's not like this oil is coming from the sea level ground. It's coming from around 5,280ft below sea level.

    I mean if your Captain Planet than please swim down there and weld it shut with your magical powers otherwise, your hope for a fix rests in the hands of BP since the president decided to appoint them fault and fix it. Rightfully so.
  8. No I haven't plugged an oil well, but I have plugged numerous leaks with ordinary household items. This is the same except on a larger scale. Don't try and make it sound more difficult then it is. It's a hole. Cover it. Regardless of how far down it is. They have CAMERAS that can get down there and produce an image clear enough for people to see. So there are definitely materials that can handle the pressure. Hell, its a pipe, use the same material that was there in the first place. BP can afford to do nothing, which it looks like they're doing.
  9. I will continue to purchase gas from BP because boycotting BP just hurts the gas station owners, it's not their fault.
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    Okay if you think so. I never said it was impossible to be down there, but jesus I would imagine it's a little difficult controlling robots to try to fix this whole issue. I'm not trying to say I don't care, but sadly I have no better ideas to bring to the table, thus I won't complain about what they are trying. At least they are trying.

    This is the only answer to this whole situation. You want a fix than heed that advice, you'll put a lot of drillers out of business thus no more oil spills. Otherwise as I said before, as long as the public depends on oil than companies such as BP will always be a business and oil spills WILL happen regardless of how much caution is taken.
  11. Wisdom seeks out TokinITguy for wisdom. True story
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    The situation is the people because people make the system.

    I mean, look at something that is awesome all around, communism ( basically democracy on all levels). You can easily have it corrupted by people... or wait.. can true communism be corrupted?

    not trying to derail either but thats an interesting question :)

    let me know when u make it so that I can start using it.

    unless.. the people have the power... then there wouldn't be any corruption... or would there be?

    this gets me loling because they could pay for it within 20 mins.. which is sick imo.

  13. and I'm glad i did what all the bank douchbags did before they colapsed the system, and bought short sells of BP a few days ago. chaching!

    Sorry but I'm on the bandwagon of hoping BP eats it and dies. if you can't fix something or even slow the rate of your own product pouring out after a month then you had a shitty plan from the start and deserve all you get. They would call that poor planing for anyone else but a giant company. And the whole reason they are in this spot in the first place is because they wanted to save as much as possible nevermind the amount of risk they were taking.

    They need to make a law that says if you cant get an accident your company is involved in under control inside of a month you forfeit your company. Totally unrealistic I know but seriously, the penilty for this event should be so harsh that it should make other companies triple check their own shit before even drawing the plans to do this sort of thing. I swear we were suppose to have some government agency who's job it was to make sure this sort of this is prevented... (for those that didn't cautch that yes i know there is and yes they failed just as miserably as BP and every other company involved in this at their job)

    can't we hook up a pipe from this thing to that sink hole in Guatemala? fix two things at once! :hello:
  14. The news anchor said they're going to get sued up the ass for likely a decade. DAmnnn!

    Yall ready for cheap gas? I sa-- I saiid yall ready for cheap mothah fuckin gas?!?!

    Haha watch arco guys, the shit just keeps droppin and droppin as the situation gets stickier and stickier :devious:

    Nothing like taking advantage of a catastrophe ;)
  15. "... in politics nothing is accidental. If something happens, be assured it was planned this way"

    - Franklin D. Roosevelt -

    Honestly, god knows how much oil is down there.

    They don't want to get the oil out of the water, they want to get the water out of the oil.
  16. "As for the Valdez disaster itself, its effects still linger nearly two decades after the 1989 spill. During that time, suits against Exxon made their way through courts, resulting in a $5.5 billion jury trial settlement. But the Supreme Court later thought this was too much money, and cut the settlement to $1 billion. No fine ever levied against the oil industry has seriously inhibited its ability to keep doing business as usual—or employing lobbyists, or making campaign contributions. And to my knowledge, no oil company executives have ever gone to jail for the environmental devastation caused by their negligence or greed."
    Obama's "Revelations" and the Oil Industry's Slimy History | Mother Jones

    Ain't shit gonna happen to these guys. Whoever said "Too big to fail" needs to get shot.
  17. Yeah that's bullshit. But nevertheless, they will still pander to the public by giving us cheaper prices for an undetermined amount of time. So there's always that.:confused:
  18. how is communism democracy on all levels???

  19. By appealing the 5 billion fine they had to pay, Exxon made 27 billion from that 5 billion which they should have paid right away. By stalling, they were able to use that 5 billion for further business dealings and collect interest from it.

    BP will do the same. Its all business when it comes to these pricks. They don't gice a fuck about nothing but profit.

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