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Dude, BP is completey FUCKED!

Discussion in 'Science and Nature' started by Señor PoopiePants, May 28, 2010.

  1. :laughing:

    Sorry. I just had to let that out, hehe.

  2. I think most people don't even realize how much of their lives depend on oil based products. I would venture to say that if you live in a large city then your life is touched by BP and every other oil company. And it would/will take a major event to change that, no this doesn't count.

    Although I would also say that on the plus side it will help people to start to get off oil. I don't think it will stop us but for at least a little bit people will try and not use so many oil products.
  3. Apparently the clean ups gonna cost upwards of $12 billion. That's less profit than BP makes in half a year so it doesn't seem likely they'll actually go out of business. Of course their share value and liquidity will be harmed but that'll recover relatively quickly when operating in a market as profitable as oil.

    For me though this has highlighted our huge over-dependence on such a volatile substance. Drilling miles down to suck a liquid out that burns, destroys eco-systems and can never truly be removed from an environment is madness.

    BP should be forced to invest billions more than they already do in alternative energy sources as part of their pay back. They should have to contribute to their own eventual downfall.
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    lol @ you for thinking citgo is oil spill free.. Sorry to say, but they are NOT. they had oil spills too. In fact, I can't find one company who hasn't had an oil spill.

    We all know spills were going to happen. Personally, We should have went nuclear,wind powered,etc a long time ago to avoid stupid oil spills like this one.

    half correct. We should force all oil companies and gas companies to find alternative energy sources... and it doesn't just stop with them... Don't give them all the blame. it was bound to happen to any oil company, not just bp.

    exactly my point. Even if you don't buy gas from bp, you are supporting bp weather you know it or not.

    the plus side is that this is one small step for america to get off oil, one big step for bp to rethink their involvement in oil drilling.

    when will we run out of oil? I forgot what the prediction was..
  5. QFT :hello:
  6. yup.. I would have to quote this for truth also.
  7. This might have been discussed already I'm just responding to the OP.

    I read that BP is only going to have to pay the first $75 million for the clean up. The rest will be coming from the tax payers.

    what the fuck?
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    gotta love it. Good ol capitalism at its finest.

    sooner or later the people will get tired of it... I guess we need a few more oil spills and some more bank/auto bail outs for companies for the people to get it.

    topic should be changed to "yet another taxpayer bailout for a big company" thread
  9. where did you read this? links > hearsay
  10. sorry if anyones already shared my thoughts, just wanted to put my two sense in.

    this oil spill shows that human technology is still over powered by 'mother nature.' this and the volcanic eruption show mother nature still has authority over us, not the other way around.

    it also begins to show the corruption of our government. why is this not being taken care of immediately? why has obama not shown more authority, he should be blaming bp for this horrible disaster, as well as placing blame on the government.

    i think it is pretty obvious that when the 'average joe' is effected, priorities begin to show.

    i would have thought that after the very minimal help this area received during/after the effects of katrina, the government would show more obligation to its citizens rather than its wallet.
  11. Sorry dude. Thats not how it works. You can be filling with BP gas at your Citgo station. Gas is traded around the stations. The companies dont own them, regular people do. They are only buying the franchise name.
  12. lets blow up the leak
  13. Lets put rosie o donnel in the leak shell plug it up
  14. Uh, "get it"? Get what? The only thing we're going to continue to get is attitude.

    When you have money, you have power. When you have power, you have control.

    And when you have control...real control, you have the power to sit back and tell "the people" "yeah, well what the fuck are YOU gonna do about it, BITCH?!?", which is exactly what BP is saying to all of us right now, especially if the taxpayer is going to foot any part of this.

    We've had this discussion before about control. Unfortunately, I believe that the levels that control has reached within certain corrupt organizations can only be upset by massive violence. And quite frankly, the average American isn't ready to go down that path...yet.

  15. remember the bailout? we, the people didn't want a bailout but the companies got one anyway. We don't control the government, they control us. It's a big illusion and a lot of people fall for it.

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    +rep for not being a sheep.
  17. so do you think it is a situation of the people are corrupt, not the system?

    not to derail the thread or anything ha
  18. I really hope BP gets screwed hard, i mean this oil spill is on its 40 something day now, and BP is still lieing their asses off. If the government doesn't do anything about this big oil company who knows what will happen...

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