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Dude, BP is completey FUCKED!

Discussion in 'Science and Nature' started by Señor PoopiePants, May 28, 2010.

  1. Nobody is saying that your dad deserves to lose his job, but him having a job there doesn't excuse their actions, nor should we be the ones to have to pay to keep a company that is failing in business. People lose jobs, people get jobs; As long as humans continue wanting to create and consume, everyone will have a job. It may not be a job that uses that person to their potential. Maybe once some jobs that are a part of consumerism diminish, the job market will evolve into a more scientific, explorative, observative, educational market.

    When one company is allowed to fail, others can compete easier in the market.

    Maybe the demise of this company will bring about the eventual demise of plastics and the flourishing of biodegradable packaging.

    They do what we give them money for....
  2. I don't mean to bash your post because you are right.


    Have you eaten a bag of sun chips recently? The bag makes soooo much noise! Argghh!
  3. In the past quarter?? :confused: Damn.
  4. And this is where the conflicts arise. :( The normal working man getting caught up in the mix because of this disaster.
  5. I understand all that, kinda, but the issue is that they have not been completely honest.

    THAT is shady. That and the fact that they're minimizing how much oil is spewing.

    That shit is not cool.
  6. That's fucking nuts!!!!!!!! :eek::eek::eek::eek:

    And I haven't smoked anything in almost 4 days. Holla. Uggh.
  7. LOL! Sorry, but your post is kind of ironic, if you know what I mean! No offense! :hello:
  8. It's not ironic, its exactly what should be expected.

    Do you know about the 'Multiquote' button? It's the button directly to the right of the 'Quote' button. 5 posts in less than 5 minutes is ridiculous.

    Anyway, I know the packaging is quite loud, but if they were supported for this effort in the form of capital and greater customers, the packaging would eventually get less noisy and better all around.

    I laughed at the message on the back stating, "This package is noisy because it's bio-degradable."
    Although obvious, I still kinda wished they didn't include that. I'm positive, although not specific, that some people wouldn't have made that association.
  9. Ah shit-balls, you got me. Good call. That indeed would have made it easier.
    Next time!
  10. I fully endorse every statement made by iMPREPREX so far. +REP

    I don't look foreward to anyone losing their jobs over this... It doesn't make me happy. The way I see it, the people who will lose the most jobs on this deal are going to be the hard-working, probably underpaid workers who had no choice in a single part of the decision making process.

    By the time you go up the chain of command to get to the lying corporate bastards who've been pulling the strings on this whole thing; you're probably talking about a room full of 35 people or less. 35 rich-as-fuck "fat cats" who could give a damn less what happens as long as they remain profitable. If a tsunami of their precious crude oil swept across the entire coast and suffocated thousands of people in the crud, I can guarantee less then 2 of them would sincerely care about anything more than a bright-and-friendly press conference... They simply wouldn't care how many people died as long as there were thousands more living consumers ready to replace them- just like big tobacco companies, sort of...

    I hate most wealthy people- not all of them though... Not because I'm jealous: because 99% of the rich behave like they have no souls...


  11. BP sucks hard but they are not going out of business. They are still test drilling all over the world.

    The mud plug is tempory. They need to dig a relief well, which takes awhile, once that is done then the mud plug will not be needed.

    See here in Canada, unlike the USA, we require to have a relief well already dug and ready to go in a situation like this. Why the USA doesn't...oh yeah MONEY!.
  12. Because Canada is a great country and probably knows their shit better than we do.

    I could never understand why Americans always crack on Canadians. It's fucking retarded.
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    Doesn't matter...The fact is BP subcontracted Transocean to work for them...still BP's fault.

    It's kinda like when you're having your house remodeled and you hire a contractor. Well, let's say the plumbing got installed all fucked up, you're not gonna go after the plumber, you go after the contractor you hired and he goes after the plumbing company.

    Anyway my whole take on the subject is yeah this sucks, the earth is spittin out about 1 million gallons a day since what? A little bit after April 20th. But I mean so far this isn't even the worst oil spill in the gulf. I think the worst one was back in late 1970's or something like that in Mexican waters, I think there was some odd 140-150 million gallons of oil spilled into the waters. So compared to that we're not that bad, we're gettin there sure.

    Let's be serious, BP isn't going out of business. So much of our world depends on oil, any fines the obama administration dishes out are gonna be very miniscule on a very large scale. A lot of powerful people in this world make a lot of money off oil companies. So they won't get punished all that bad. Everything we're being told about what is going on is lie. But, are you really that surprised? That's what our government is best at. Keeping it's publics eyes covered and showing them exactly what they want them to see.

    Sooo basically we're gonna pretty much go through all the same shit that happened when Exon Veldez spilt it's load, at least with that though we could point fingers and shift blame in the direction we sought after. This is entirely different situation where millions of gallons of oil is being pumped out from the earth, How do you stop that? For those that are die hard to blame BP and tell them to fix it, how about you come up with something better than what they have. Literally how to stop millions of gallons of oil from coming out of the earth? I don't know, therefore I don't say anything about it, I just leave it to BP to do the best job they can do. I'm sure they know they fucked up real bad with this and they will get a lot of shit for over probably the next decade, they'll take a profit hit. Bp is probably trying to fix the situation as much as people want them to fix it but they probably see it as everyday that well pumps out another million gallons, that's a million gallons worth of money they just lost out on. So as much as I do blame BP for this incident, I have no choice but to leave it in there hands to fix, as do most of pretty much everybody here. And I never bought BP gas to begin with so there profit gain/loss don't mean shit to me.

    Think about it like this, as much oil as that well pumps out on a daily basis that's probably about as much money that they lose out on...So for them that's motivation to fix it. I mean the right way to fix it, by digging a relief well, you're lookin at a couplea months before theres a permanent fix. The whole fill the well with mud and seal it with cement is purely a temporary fix until they can get a permanent one.
  14. Yeah sorry I got a little off. Just a little worried atm
  15. I hear you man, and I really am sorry to hear that. It does put into perspective how deep these implications really are.

    The job aside however, with all due respect Mushroomsatsuji - the implications concerning this disaster in general are manifold. I'm not trying to be all gloom and doomy-ish, but this is going to have horrible repercussions. A 22 mile-wide slick!

    Damn. If I were religious, I would pray for this to work out. But since I'm not, I will just sincerely hope for the best.

  16. So when i run over your daughter with my car because i was careless, can i just say what you said?
  17. First of all, oil rigs should not blow up and cause underwater oil geysers, or there's something wrong, and if it's BP's rig, then it's BP's fault that there is something wrong.

    Second of all, BP is utterly unconcerned with the environmental problems, they drop "dispersants" on the spill, which... guess what.... disperse oil... all over the sea bed and kill everything on the way there. AND they have been absolutly pig headed on which dispersants they use, including chemicals that could be girly-fying you at a supermarket near you in the near future, if you eat sea food. All dispersants make the spill worse on the environment, BP likes them because it's a cheap way to hide the magnatude of the spill on the bottom of the ocien, people can see dead herons and frogs and bugs and whatnot, but they can't see dead fish, and squid, and correl, and jellies, and i don't know what all.

    Not to mention the fact that it took them a fucking month to even decide to start "top kill". why the FUCK could they not start pumping drilling mud a day after it happend? They just don't give a fuck. Them AND the epa, who take days "thinking about" each idea or change, when this shit is here and now. Pumping drilling mud into a oil geyser is NOT going to further hurt the environment, IT'S A MOTHERFUCKING OIL GEYSER.
  18. Oil rig blowouts have been happening since we started drilling oil, it was only a matter of time until something like this happened.

    A lot of people have no idea how the oil industry works. BP is falling on the grenade while Transocean and Halliburton sit and laugh at them.

    *has worked on oil rigs and has family employed by oil companies*
  19. BP had the ability to have had a relief well dug that would have prevented the majority of the oil from spilling into the ocean. BP, by their own choice, decided not to, because they didn't have to.
  20. Ok, like I said - I'm not a scientist, but I've been watching the live cam, and I'm thinking:

    Over 1 month later it's still spewing. Why can't they just quickly make a (flexible) plastic tube 1 mile long with a circumference that matches the hole the oil is coming out from. Attach one end to the hole and the other end to some collection chamber on a ship or extend it to go to the surface. We have the resources to make something like that.

    Fucking DIVERT it is what I'm saying! It's still all usable hydrocarbons anyway, right???

    Seriously - am I missing something here? That can't be too hard to make. Like I said - a month into this shit and they haven't figured it out.

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