Dude, BP is completey FUCKED!

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  1. The following is just speculation mixed in with what's really going on. And I don't claim to know it all, so if I'm wrong about something - please someone kindly correct me. Thanks. Anyways:

    This company is going to be out of business real soon.
    First they have to deal with actually plugging the hole, which still isn't a guarantee. "Top Kill" can still fuck up - we don't know yet. As of now, they're saying it's working, but that doesn't mean shit. They've been lying to us all along.

    So once they even get this fixed (hopefully soon!), dealing with not only boycotts, but damage control is going to put them out of business with how much it's going to cost to try and reverse this horrible incident.

    "Top Kill"... Give me a fucking break. I mean, I'm no scientist, but they're shooting mud in and then cement. What the fuck happens when the tectonic plates shift??? What happens if an earthquake dislodges it?? I mean, there are a few things that can fuck up down the line, no? It's a plug! Plugs can pop!

    And on top of it all, BP has GROSSLY minimized the situation - under-reporting the leak. I mean - you motherfuckers - scared for your own asses. No - fuck the environment - just let them save their own asses.

    Fucking needle-dicks. :mad:
  2. I think you highly under estimate how much money they have and how much their oil is depended on.

    Just to give you an idea I believe I saw CNN saying they posted 7 billion dollars in PROFIT the past quarter. The entire Louisiana fishing industry was only worth 3 billion according to CNN.
  3. My dad works for BP. Thanks man.
  4. Ehm. So?
  5. I personally won't boycott BP.
    I think it's definately their responsibility to fix everything, but I don't think the oil rig exploding was their fault..really.

    It's a out of control oil geyser at the bottom of the ocean. That shits gonna be hard to stop ok? BP's doin shit to fix it, and hopefully they can get that shit fixed real soon.

    I don't think anyone should be pointing the fingers to blame here.. It was a truly terrible accident, but I don't think anyone is at fault here(unless someone inteded for this to happen).
    I guess you could argue they shouldn't have been drilling out there to begin with, but that's also the consumers fault for being so oil dependant.
  6. ^How can you possibly say it's not their fault?

    It was an accident, yes, but a completely preventable one had proper measures been taken. Not to mention the things that are coming to light now....
  7. can some one please tell me what bp is
  8. Sucks. Gotta roll with punches man. No excuses.

    Read the article I posted earlier. There is a standard set of procedures which are to be followed when shutting down a well. The "company man" didn't want to follow standard procedure ("company man" being a BP rep).

    It was certainly BP's fault.

    BP is a giant oil company that was drilling for crude oil in the gulf of Mexico.

  9. the gas station! bp i think it stands for better petroleum. they are having problems with an oil leak under water:(
  10. OK, now that I've stopped laughing long enough to type this, I really want to smoke whatever you're smoking.:D

    I did the math one time with but one of the oil giants profits.

    Based on ONE quarters posted profit earnings, it worked out to roughly $1800 every second. Most of us will work our entire lives to save enough money to retire. Big Oil earns enough every 20 minutes.

    On top of that, care to take a guess as to just how many oil platforms are in the Gulf region right now, including those around Texas? 100? 200? Maybe 500?

    Yeah, try over 3500.

    Needless to say, by the time you read through this tread, BP will have made enough money to pay off their "fines" by the Government.

    Something tells me they're not going anywhere, no matter what the Government decides to do with them. There's too much money, too much corruption, and too much dependency at stake.
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    Every accident can be prevented. Accidents happen because we're human. Yes, I'm sure had better care been taken before hand that it is unlikely this situation would've happened... While yes, technically they are at fault. Just like if a bridge collapses the owners of that bridge are technically at fault, but is it their fault that it happened?
    What if there were cracks inside the bridge that were impossible to detect but severely weakening the structure?
    Is the cause of the oil rig explosion even known yet??
    Untill it's known exactly what caused it... well ..I hope you get what Im getting at.
    People always point the fingers at someone, and that just creates more hate in the world..
    If they're doing their best to fix it(which I assume they are) then I dont understand all the hate. Hate over if somethings done purposely, don't hate on accidents.

    BP one of the largest oil companys in the world

    British Petroleum.
    Better Petroleum is their slogan I belive.
  12. than you i feel like a idiot for not noing
  13. Thanks, that brought more light of the situation to me. I was thinking that everything was operating normally and the explosion randomly happened or some shit...
  14. So BP goes down, my dad looses hos job. Not that hard. Plus its not all BP. Transocean is to blame as well. It was only leased to BP but Transocean were the ones actually working on it. So why id BP getting all the blame
  15. wheres the bruce lee avatar?
  16. People get laid off everyday, your dad isn't special.

    Sorry to be a dick but just look around. People everywhere are losing jobs. Unemployment is at 10%. That is a lot of people without jobs.
  17. So you wouldnt care if your dad lost his job?

    On my HD
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    My dad got laid off about a year and a half ago.

    He found another one.

    The end.

    EDIT: By the way, my father has no credentials. He has no degree, no certification, nothing but experience in his field. He worked for a medical instrument development team, accomplished much more than anyone else on his team, and got paid much less than anyone else on his team because of a lack of a PhD. He found another job making only slightly less money in only 3 months. He is happy and is actually enjoying the change of pace. He still lives very comfortably.

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