Dude ANIMATED movies!

Discussion in 'Movies' started by TyDurden, Aug 23, 2008.

  1. Any animated movies are soooo fucking good when you're baked, I dunno why, I just love all the animated movies I see. I always watch new ones though, never something like snow white lol.
  2. Brave little toaster is great when toasted.
  3. i got blitzed last night and watched speed racer i dont remember shit but that was hella fun i saw the movie in theaters i was laughing at the dumbest crap
  4. holy shit, on your blog you posted about Toy Story. You're the man. I fucking love Pixar movies and Toy Story was the one that hooked me in. I have such a soft spot for Woody and Buzz...
  5. the best animated movie to watch when you're high is the thief and the cobbler. it's a mindfuck, even when sober.
  6. I like Surf's up alot. It aint all that funny, but the scenes when he's on those big waves are intens. Oh, and chicken joe rocks man!!
  7. Try Paprika, it's a good movie, just make sure you're sufficiently high when you start watching, some of the scenes will blow your mind out.
  8. Im going to check out some of the ones mentioned here, bored, sitting at home alone, hell yea why not get high and watch some whacked out shit.

  9. Yessss! OMG me and my pal went to the imax blitzed and and that was one of the most epic experiences I have evar had.

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