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  1. Need some help figuring out how to duct 4 and possibly 2 more 1k lights. Should I pull air from outside through the hoods? I'm also going to have an AC since it's upstairs. Just would like some suggestions, will post pics later
  2. Depends on where you live. If the outside air temp is 80+ then its just going to make your tent hot. If you pull the air from inside and your inside air is 68-70 that would be a better option and you can vent the air outside or into a different room. I vent my air inside of my house and pull air from inside because its normally in the high 80s to low 90s here. My air conditioner solves the problem.
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  3. Well I live in West Michigan. We just had snow last week and it's 70 out right now lol.
  4. Also it's upstairs so soon enough it will be hot and muggy in the other parts of my room. I'm thinking outside air vented with my AC will be good. Can probably get away with an intake vent straight into the room with this until summer picks up
  5. Just set up the lights and let them run. Try different things and see what your temps stay at before you start growing
  6. Well it's actually my flower room I just built. I flowered halfway in my veg room and had to get my new clones put in but there about done flowering and I'll have a week or two gap to figure it out. I just dimmed my ballasts for now, it's not overheating but I want to nio it in the butt before summer hits ya know
  7. Yeah I see. Hmm as long as the summer doesnt get that hot and you have plenty of air being pulled out of the room it should be fine. How big of a space is this?
  8. It's pretty big 13*18 ft
  9. Do you have enough fan power for exhaust?
  10. I've got an 8 in hurricane inline exhaust fan pushin air out. 750 cfm I think?
  11. Was thinking maybe getting a duct fan or booster to attach at the end of the ducting
  12. For a space that big? You need at least 3 times the amount of square feet of your room. so 13x18x height of ceilings. So you have around 1500 square feet in there. You likely need another 8 inch
  13. Dang. Do they make big booster fans that could compensate?
  14. They make 10 and 12 inch but they are not very common and expensive. You would have better luck using 2 8 inch fans. Booster fans are really just for when your ducting is so long the inline fan has trouble pushing air all the way through. It doesnt make more air come out.
  15. The air replacement isn't only for heat. The plants need new air as well for growth.
  16. So would you recommend an 8 in before and after the fan or one on each row? And also if I'm going straight from outside in and exhausting back out how is my room getting fresh air? I was confused also when doing it like that how would the rooms sq ft come into play if I'm not using my rooms air to exhaust the lights
  17. The exhaust pulls air from the room which gets rid of the air that has already been used by the plants. Without the air being circulated 3 times a minute the air becomes stagnant and too oxygenated. The sq ft comes into play bc of the fans CFM. 750 cfm circulates 750 sq ft of air in one minute. So for enough air to be pulled from the room 3 times per minute you need 3 times the amount in CFMs as the sq ft of your room. Without removing the air with proper exhaust the intake does nothing. New air coming in is key.
  18. I'm just curious how air in the room is being replenished since my intake exhaust will be coming in and going straight through my lifts and back outside? Cracks between the glass on the hoods
  19. Oh, you will need an exhaust for the room, not just for air cooled hoods. The air cooled hood keeps heat down but the room air needs to be replenished as well.
  20. So should I also have another intake? Other than one that's going straight to the lights? Or will the AC periodically kicking on be enough? I've got one with an built in thermostat

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