Duct tape to fix a broken plant?

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  1. I have a plant, about 4.5 feet tall and it has been topped. I found this morning that a raccoon has broken several of the branches. The main break is where the plant was topped. Its very broad there and the leaves had not wilted despite the branch being broken. I patched them together with some monofiliament fishing line. I'd like a more stable fix. Can I use duct tape? Or will that kill the plant?

    Sorry I don't have pics.
  2. I used medical tape and it worked fine the mesh type so it has room to stretch the tape.
  3. I split my plant where I had topped it. I was trying to tie down some branches to keep it from peeking over the fence. I used that plastic green tape for gardening only because I had some for the tomatoes. It healed over really well.

    My worry with the fishing line is that it will cut in to the cambium layer and harm the plant more. The duct tape is tough and may cause damage when you try to remove it. If you have black tape for electrical wiring it might do the trick, you could even use a strip of fabric and tie it tight.

    Check on the repair after a week to be sure the plant is not growing around the tape, fabric or what have you. My plant healed it's self really quickly they are some pretty tough plants. My plant broke the green plastic tape off by it's self.
  4. Yah just tape will work. What ever you have really but not fish line.
  5. yeah works great

  6. Cool. I will remove the fishing line on my next visit and replace it with some tape. Thanks for the info.
  7. Mine split down the middle about 6 weeks ago from the wind. I simply duct taped it and took it off after about a month. Now, it's healthier then ever and my tallest out of 6. If its strong/big enough, it generally will survive and repair itself.
  8. I like to use anything to hold the branch up. But around the split I like to use florist tape. It wraps around the splits really good. It will not dig into the brach as well. Floral tape will expand.

    When I snap or bend smaller braches I will use this tape with little peace of wood. It's not sticky but sticks well.

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  9. Never tried it but have some medical super glue laying around that allows airflow i might try it if need arises.

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