Duct fan wiring help

Discussion in 'Do It Yourself' started by PurpleIndica420, Aug 17, 2012.

  1. Maybe someone here can give a complete electrician noob some advice.

    I'm trying to wire a In-line duct fan up in my buddies closet.

    The fan is a small 4" 120 vac, 60hz, 0.25amps.
    It has a wire rated 600v 18awg.

    Can I use a wire thats 300v 16awg that plugs diretly into the wall?

    I've hooked it up to test it, and it seems to work fine, but if im gonna run it for 12 hrs at a time i want to be sure this little thing doesn't mess up our whole run.
  2. Check it's function every 2-4-6-12 hours, look for heat emmission at plug and fan motor ensure you have an earth lead attached, I can't remember awg, but for your fan a household plug and 120v ac lead/wire will do well, just monitor it.

  3. Thanks for the tips vostok. Still not sure what to do. People i've talked to said to make the connections in a metal box in case of the wires getting red hot. I don't know how this is so complicated,
    The hydroponics store worker recommended the wire when i got the fan there, and i've called some hardware stores for diff opinions about it. Its got a ground wire, theres 3 wires coming off the fan (all 18awg rated 600v) and the fan only draws .25 amps. And the wire i want to attach also has 3 connector wires, but its 16 awg and rated 300v.

    This is the last part of my cab to fix then i'm good to go, but im not gonna risk a fire for something so stupid. Anyway, gonna try to find a cord that plugs into the wall thats 18awg but haven't seen any rated more than 300v. If I cant find one then i'm gonna ditch the fan altogether cause it ain't worth the risk.

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