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Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by I do work, May 18, 2010.

  1. Hey all, just bought a 80cfm inline duct booster fan for 20bucks at home depot. I plan to use this as my main exhaust for a smaller sized box i've been working on.

    Sooooo, i wired up my lil fan to a 14gauge cord and this fan is L O U D. My inital thoughts were fuck..... but now i'm considering building a box to put the fan in, lined with some type of sound prrofing material, and running ducting out.

    This way my fan is quiet, and i can still push air out through the ducting. However, since this isn't a super powerful fan, will running a foot of ducting out of my box kill alot of airflow?

    If anyone has a better idea please let my lazy ass know cuz i'm not about to build some intricate box unless it's gonna work.

  2. well without knowing what your trying to cool (ie. the light setup and size of grow box) I doubt your going to get much help. I'd look into some booster fans or something. Tend to be fairly quite and will put out way more than 80 cfm's. Also look around here on the grow journals till you see a box like yours...or kinda like it. See what they use for exhaust.
    A foot or so of ducting(as long as its straight) shouldnt effect it to much
  3. Ended up switching it out for a 14mm comp fan moving 60cfm, and i was using it to cool my whole box but its straight now.

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