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Duckys coming home high guide

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ducky2027, Aug 6, 2008.


    This guide is mainly for people whos parents arent cool with smoking.

    My main goal in this guide is to hopefully give you some tips on how to stay off the hook with your parents or others who arent keen of you smoking.

    Most of this is common sense. But not all of it.

    First off

    If you know your coming home to a smoke free house after you smoke, there are some things you should do before and after smoking to ensure your safe.

    1. smokers jacket.

    The purpose of a jacket/sweatshirt/hoodie in my eyes is often missused. most people smoke in a jacket. then take it off if they dont want to smell.

    To my surprize after looking into this.

    it is actually the opposite.

    youll smell less if you ware a hoodie after you smoke.

    Heres how i see it


    2. Eye drops.

    Nothing Tips of parents more than glowing red eyes.

    So invest in some eye drops. there easy to use and they fix the problem.

    3.use an LSP (LOW SMOKE PIECE)

    although you could. if your afraid you might get caught due to smell related tip offs. use a bong pipe one hitter ect.

    dont smoke blunts or joints.

    4. Minimal Contact with your parents.
    When your fucked up. Stay away. That Easy.


    This always made me paranoid
    But being a productive member of the stoner community. i found something that worked for me.

    and drink something
    nuff said.

    food will kill most of the smell in your breath,

    if food isn't an option then try this.

    when your arround someone who "cant know" you smoke.

    breath in when there close, hold your breath, then exhale when there away.

    The main thing is.


    Go to your room. Chill out.

    The best way to avoid parinoia when at home is to relax.

    (For more on how not to get caught see my other guide part 1

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    or you could just suck it up nd go with the flow nd not worry so much if ur parents will catch u its usually in ur head. just explain to ur parents ur gonna smoke nd its a personal choice nd its not harmful. and then puff a blunt in their face. that usually does the trick:hello: plus if u smoke enough ur parents r gonna find out eventually trust me they r gonna b less mad if u come out front nd explain it to them calmly(preferably when ur not baked)
  3. I would shit myself if i talked to my parents haha.

    good guide though. Pretty straightforward but Nice.
  4. Wrong. Not everyones parents are good logical people, alot would trip out super hard if their child did that.
  5. For the eye drops. Make sure that the bottle says it is for "red eyes". Also that you NEVER put more than 2 drops unless necessary per eye. This is common sense but put the drops in BOTH eyes! Do you think I should underline "both"?
  6. Is the jacket method confirmed?

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