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  1. Who here listens to Dubstep? Does anyone know about it? It's a fairly new genre with great bass-lines and sub bass.

    http://youtube.com/watch?v=VHaCSMJfGUA <-- Check out this video, it tells about the background and what it's all about.

    www.dubstep.fm <-- Great dubstep online radio!

    My good friend Matt got me into this music. I personally love it now. Great stoner music, and the best thing about it is it's about the music and the people who love the music. Not about how much money you have and your "bling" :p.

    Have a listen if you'd like!
  2. dubstep is dope but i cant dance to it....... it is great music to blaze to though.... i like breakbeats better but i prefer dubstep to regular dnb.......thats what dubstep is to me, a slowed down mix of breakbeats and dnb with some roots in other genres
  3. dubstep rules as stoner music, didnt know they had it/it was very big in the US tho, its the jazz of electronic music!
  4. It's not very big in the US. And it's kind of nice to be a part of something that is new. Especially blazed out of your mind :smoke:
  5. http://lowerdepths.com/mixes/ <----free dubstep download site

    quantum lines by ben ufo is awesome when stoned

    who's everyones favourite dubstep artists?

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