Dubstep haters piss me off.

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  1. anyone else sick of all the whiny people saying dubstep sux? then half the time theyle be like trance or some crap FTW. if you think dubstep sux you:
    a) are mentaly retarded
    b) never listened to a whole song
    c) have crappy speakers/headphones/wuteva
    d) have been listening to crappy dub, and there is a LOT of crappy dub out there.
  2. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PQKUrX1ZGfM]YouTube - ASBO Productions - Asbo1[/ame]

    wubwubwub, wubwubwub, wubwub!!

    I love all genres, even trance and stuff. Dubstep is in my top 3 though :love: that my shiiiiiii
  3. I'm growing out of my dubstep phase... Too many generic sounding producers and all the young kids in my area are obsessed with it. Not a bad genre but lacks variety and depth. It is summer time anyway time for the killer kush summer playlist bizzzzzzurp.
  4. Dubstep sucks.

  5. Couldn't of said it better myself, truth.
  6. People that follow muscial trends piss me off.
    Dubstep was cool 2 years ago before it went mainstream.
    As far as electronic music I would rather listen to EBM(god module, velvet acid christ, wupscut, etc.)
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    Take your points and read them back to yourself. I particularly enjoyed "like trance or some crap FTW".

    Personally I love dubstep, but you gotta understand that it''s not for everyone and much like Metal and true Hip-Hop, Dubstep's "sound" is as far away from the mainstream-and other more popular music such as indie-as it can get.

    Just enjoy that it appeals to you.
  8. ive been lostening to dubstep for a couple years now, still not growing out of it...jus gotta keep on finding new dubstep, plus a lot of people only listen to extreme filth like borgore and skrillex and that shit pretty much blows

    im way more about chill dubstep or experimental stuff, def like stuff like bassnectar and datsik etc etc, but im way down with other sorts of dubstep too

    like MiMOSA, such a sick producer imo, great interpretation of dubstep
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    Saw Mimosa last month in SF and it was a mind blowing experience. Literally high energy for 2 straight hours!

  10. yeah i saw him a few weeks ago, it was fucking sick, played his whole new EP, wish he played a little more stuff off "flux for life", but it was still a lot of fun...and that was a sober show for me, had a couple drinks and smoked a bowl right before we went into the venue, and thats it

  11. so essentially people who don't share your opinion piss you off

  12. :laughing: oh ze irony
  13. dubstep wasnt made for mainstream, because everyones dinky radios cant play anything other than treble
  14. dubstep rocks :)
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    for sure, mimosa's one of the best out there right now. saw him bout a month back and had seen bassnectar the week before. personally, i thought mimosa was much better. soooo much energy. but i am kind of getting out of my dubstep phase, however there is new shit out there that i still thoroughly enjoy. GoldRush is a perfect example. not many people have heard of him, but i have a feeling that he's gonna get big. he dropped his first ep earlier this year and has been releasin a bunch of free shit as of late, check him out
    GoldRush - Soundcloud, taste and truplaya are my favorites on there, his ep is crazy good too
  16. ah summa summa time think its time to go thru the ole hardstyle playlist and some drum an bass

    OP, who the fuck cares, listen to what u like, fnt get caught up in other people's tastes, thats a battle you'll never win.

  17. yeah i saw mimosa sober, then 2 weeks later i saw nectar kinda sober (ate molly a little late, by time it was kicking in good the show was almost over), then 2 days later fucked the fuck up

    MiMOSA was awesome, but id never say he throws down a better set than nectar, just my opinion

    i think nectar throws down some of the best sets ever, its more than just a show, its an eperience, i can only say that about so many DJs ya know? nectar throws down sets like no other...he just spins the sickest most random beats

    lol on his website you can request tracks and im 100% sure he dropped a track for me, like i must have been like the only person in that building that knew that track lol...pretty cool stuff imo...track was "godzilla" by Egyptrixx

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