Dub Side of the Moon

Discussion in 'Music genres, Bands and Artists' started by Palmer Eldritch, Jun 15, 2006.

  1. oh man i just *picked* up this album and goddamn its fuckin sweet. Its done by the Easy Star All Stars and it stays fairly faithful to Darkside of the Moon while being totally dub. Anyone else hear of this CD before?
  2. no but i'm pretty intrigued about it.

    but i have no clue who the easy star all stars are.

    i assume a rap group as i've never heard of another genre label something as "dub".
  3. no man its reggae with samples and shit
  4. My friend hooked me up with it a few months back. I like it, it's a cover of Dark Side of the Moon by a reggae group. If anyone's interested just aim me at "roadfirefx"
  5. dub has nothing to do with rap.

    has to do with samples, reggae, island music, and ambient sounds
  6. p.s. I heard about a reggae cover of pink floyd's "Money" with new samples of bong hits and coughing instead of the cash registers lol I haven't been able to find it. I want to hear that!
  7. yeah, thats this album (or at least features it as well)

  8. yeah shit is on that album

    its quite legit
  9. Yeah, i've listened to that cd a bunch. I saw Easy Star a few years ago and they played the album strait through. It was killer.
  10. sounds pretty cool, where can u get it?:smoking:
  11. i'm sure you can find a bit torrent link. try google.

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