Dub side of the moon

Discussion in 'Music genres, Bands and Artists' started by tommy chong, Jul 1, 2004.

  1. I just found an album by this raggae band, who've done loads of pink floyd covers, the album's called dub side of the moon. It's absaloutley hilarious listening to it. It's all pink floyd riffs but with a raggae beat.
  2. im gonna have to check this out..i dig dub..hmm...probably tough to find to dl..
  3. I searched for 'dub side of the moon' in album search on kazaaa and it came up with shitloads, it's the ultimate stoner music
  4. I use winmx, I never got excellent finds on not so known stuff..
    someone out there has it, the album and a few songs came up, but its not queing up..hmm..
    either way
    anyone that wants to check it out, theres some tunes..
    sounds good to my ears :) thanks for sharing tommy chong! :D
  5. ningún compañero del problema
  6. ya thanks dude..,. i just downloaded some ... sweet sweet music.. to me ears..
  7. oh, that bands the shiiiiiiiiiiitttt. they did a cover of "money" and instead of using cash register sound clips, they used clips of someone hitting a bong. definitely stoner music right there.
  8. Ive posted about them quite few times somewhere on here before. I found them about a year ago, and its the best stoner music ive found in a long long time. Ive shared the cd with many friends, and weve all tripped out to it, wanting a copy for themselves.
  9. wow i just downloaded money, and it is fucking great man, the bong suonds at the begining are hilarious

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