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Dub sack?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by mlgpro, Aug 12, 2010.

  1. can someone please post a pic of a dub sack of mids. i'm picking one up tonight for 20 and i dont have a scale so i need something to compare too.

    thanks gc.
  2. It depends on your area bro...
  3. And the quality of the herb. A dub is just $20.
  4. I would think it would be around two grams, maybe more maybe less. Post a pic after you pick up.
  5. My 2 cents: Don't buy a dub sack anymore after tonight.

    Go on Amazon and get a scale after tonight, choose next-day shipping. 5 bucks can get you a fresh ass one.
  6. in my area(Mass) its 3gs for 20$
  7. Nickel. But it depends on the area, in Utah 20 sacks always came to about 5 grams (nickel). In Illinois they were around 4 grams, nickel was still a good ballpark figure.
  8. Depending on where you are and the quality of the mids, a dub should get you 2-4 grams. Definitely no less than 2 grams though, and it better be some flame mids.

    You won't be able to tell if you got a good amount from a picture though.
  9. i know it all depends on area but, a dub sack in southercali(atleast my neck of the woods) is 20$ for 1 gram of dank. i usually pay fifteen but that doeant sound that good compared to the prices other people are getting on this fourm.:rolleyes:
  10. A dub is $20 so for my area it would be a gram of dank. For mids about 2.5-3g's
  11. A dub is a general $20 bag with 1g of good weed.

    Price ranges hugely on mids. Could be 1g for $20, or 4g for $20. That all really depends on your area. For dank though most places are 1g $20. Some 1g $10.
  12. in Ohio (cincinnati) its usually 3-4 grams. generally an 8th. Maybe a little more or less.
  13. Dro: 1 Gram
    Mids:4 Grams
    Rego: 7-8 Grams
  14. in michigan for 20 bucks i can get 1 gram of danks, 2 grams of mids, and about an eighth of regs.
  15. i've only heard people use dub when talking about that girl

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