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Dub sack of Mexican mids

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Psygonyx, Jun 14, 2009.

  1. Just picked up some of this cheap shit. It's full of seeds and steams but still gives a decent nausea-free head high, and that's all that matters, m i rite?

  2. Exactly right my friend :) That shit actually doesnt look too bad either. You can see the pistils and it ain't too brown. You should weigh that shit out man. Sometimes bricked mids can weigh alot more than they look. You could have an 8th in that bag bro :)
  3. Whatever works
    what did you pay?
    And how much does that weigh?
  4. yes sir you are right, if it gets you high without side effects who gives a shit what it looks like. Pretty weed is nice and all, but it all ends up getting smoked in the long run.
  5. ew fuck that shit i wouldnt take that for free. strait to the garbage can bro
  6. That post means you're better than us. Good for you.
  7. +5 inches to the e-peen right.

    Stop hating. The shit's got THC and no matter how you slice it, mids get you high for cheap and not everyone has a lot of cash to blow on super danks 100% the time.
  8. nice pickup

  9. unless you are like me, and you're new to the sport...

    i get decent stuff(obviously better then bricked mids) and i can afford it cause a half track of that will go a long way!

  10. It says it in the title. :p Dub = $20.

    Believe it or not it's actually a 1/4. This shit's bricked like you wouldn't imagine; I weighed it twice because I couldn't believe it. Practically need an ice pick to break it apart. :D

    Back when I used to deliver pizzas not to long ago, I used to make enough dough to afford to smoke only the dankest of dank. I'm talking $20/g territory here, and it was mostly because that's all my manager sold (and everyone else in the Scottsdale area for that matter). Man those were the days.:smoke: But these reggies aren't that bad anyway.
  11. Oh I believe it man. I had this little tiny bricked nug that was about the size of a pack of gum that weighed 5.2g.
  12. I Haven't smoked mids in the longest time. In a weird way, I kind of miss it. Ya know what I'M saying?
  13. straight off that brick :cool:
  14. Nice pick up. It looks pretty green and is a great price for $20. You did say it was 1.4th right? Enjoy it.
  15. hey man no need to be a dick

    OP good deal for 20$ roll up some big blunts

  16. +1 for sure. I love using mids for big blunts.
  17. Thats a pretty heavy dum imo. Not bad for $20.
  18. yeah we call that bammer in cali its not mids its lows.
    but at least you didnt get ripped and pay more than 20 for that shit.
  19. Man I wouldn't quite call it bammer; it's closer to the lower-end of the mid spectrum in my opinion.

    Aw, what the fuck do I care, I'm high right now. :smoke:
  20. Nice pick up, me and a few friends got together a big bulk of 150 bucks last summer and bought some canadian mids kinda like that. Made some nice ass brownies and smoked the rest in a ton of blunts, lasted us the whole summer (with some haze and such thrown in for a variety).

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