Dub/reggae Track Made In Ableton - Feedback Appreciated

Discussion in 'The Musician in U' started by mr man fan, Jun 7, 2013.

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    Hello all,
    spent a day in today and made this track with Ableton, some plugins and a keyboard. 

    It's an eletronically produced instrumental dub/reggae track inna steppers style. Reccomend listening through some speakers able to reproduce some bass though appreciate anyone takin the time to give it a blast. More of a play it loud n skank out kinda vibe than sit n melt away. Sound system vibes! Constructive feedback welcomed and very much appreciated

  2. Song sounds nice. Loved the smooth intro.
  3. Cheers for listenin n commenting man, appreciated! 
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    i like it man, but i dnt like how u twisted the steppers riddem to sound more hip hop
    it makes it not sound like reggae but like hip hop with a skank.
    thats just my opinion tho i dnt like how hip hop HAS to have its influence everywhere
    other than that i can tell u actually kno what ur doing and hearing this on gc is fucking refreashing, i can tell u understand reggae
    post some more some time :)
    il leave u some aswad to enjoy
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    Thanks for the feed man! 

    New tracks are up also - one created today - personally i feel my latest is my best work thus far. 

    The hip-hop remark i find confusing though - any similarities to hip hop are entirely unintentional - meant to be just a straight forward 4/4 steppers beat, think it's at 130bpm with the snare on the third n skipping hi hats - how is that hip hop influenced?  (indeed there is an extra kick added in...maybe that is what makes it sound hip hop to you...) Interesting observation though (something i hadn't considered) but yeah, not intended man, still tryna get the sound down. 

    Cheers again for checkin it out - it's refreshing for me also to have someone understand reggae hah. 

    Also, nice Aswad track. You may not have heard this quality old Shaka track. Big tune...ha...spread the vibes. 

    yea its that, again its my own opinion tho i dnt mean it like oh man that extra kick makes it sound shitty, i just personally dont like it. if people like it then fuck what i say u kno lol
    other than that tho good shit, are u studying music right now?  Ive been lucky enough play bass with a REALLY good drummer and we're pretty serious about reggae. been studying lots of roots rock, its made me really picky wit I and I riddems mon 
    BIG fucking UPs on that link dude shit is TOUGH 
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    Ah sounds sweet man! Nah, i'm not studying music, only in my spare time, all self taught etc. Studying the production techniques also (how to get it to sound correct inna digital environment etc) If you get some shit recorded though man i'd love to hear it, message a brother with it or whatever. 

    The extra kick was meant to sorta be a fill that only came around every so many bars but i left it like that due to laziness (being honest...) - cheers for the honest feed. It's good to have someone comment who knows how a steppers riddim should sound etc.  

    And yes, the Shaka tune is mad. Have you been priveledged enough to ever attend a roots sound system dance? It redefines the whole thing for me, becomes a completely different thing....awesome and life changing vibes. My shins still haven't recovered from militant 5 hour long skanking at a Shaka dance a few months ago. 
    Here's a little link to yesterdays works if you're interested man, respect! 

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