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Dub of Sour Diesel (smoke report)

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Aragorn420, Mar 19, 2012.

  1. Bought a dub of locally-grown Sour Diesel today.


    1 grammy even. Very sticky, powerful smell thru the baggie.


    Broke up the 2 smaller pieces (still haven't smoked the main bud).

    First I took 2 tokes, and got a nice buzz! I had only smoked Reggie for 3 days prior because I bought two $20 bags in order to acquire some started seeds while await the shipment of some decent beans.

    Then I packed a full bowl with the rest of what I had broken up. Smoked the whole bowl. BAKED!:D Dare I say "stoned" too - definitely some Cheech & Chong goin' on but zero couchlock and I did not get tired or a down, 3 hrs later as I write this....about to devour that nugg! G'night!
  2. Please do not eat that large nug...

    Just playing I know what you meant :smoke:
  3. Nice stuff A-420. That diesel does have a strong odor and is extremely sticky. Nice taste, eh?
  4. I wouldn't call that much of a report at all @Op no offense but you need more detail and meaning to your review & heres the appropriate section for your reviews to go in Smoke Reports - Forums

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