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    My friend hornyforthefunk on here showed me the way of the dub...

    I'm listenin to some dub right now... and i'm way high :):smoke:

    Who else loves it?
  2. Shit is awesome...shows you the roots of hip-hop

    Salute to King Tubby, Lee Scratch Perry, Sly and Robbie, Bill Laswell, etc etc
  3. oh.

    thought you actually meant some "decent" music.

    Or, do you mean dubstep?
  4. psht king tubby, scientist, sly & robbie FTW

  5. dubstep, reggae...

    I don't know much about it as I'm just getting into it, but I downloaded the dub anthology and I have been listening to it for the last few days... it's great.
  6. lol!

    theres 2 types of dubstep?

    over in uk and europe dubstep is a type of dark trippy quite grimey house/drumandbass.
  7. oh god dubstep. that and trance boring the hell out of me. even when i'm high, i still think "Get to the point of it already!"
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    Wow, how pretentious. I like dubstep a lot...Burial, Skream, Kode9, etc. Also, Jungle (93-97) is probably one of my favorite sounds.

    I'd like to let the city know that not all electronic music listeners are that rash and close-minded.

    Your ignorance to what Dub music really is and was makes your post almost laughable. Maybe you should learn more about your roots before criticizing a HISTORICAL genre. Take a trip back into the world of analog tape and soundsystems, bucko. :wave:

    And yeah, dubstep compared to jungle is like nothing. Where's the rhythmic syncopation and polyrhythms? That laid back, talking-drum esque 303? Yeah, deep bass with a mod wheel and dub beats are cool, but more is needed. That's why Burial is king.
  9. i am :D. ha
    Really though, I listen to a bunch of stuff, i could just never get into dub or reggae.
  10. Yeah I've always loved Reggae. Dub is definitley my favorite offshoot of reggae.
    -Scientist - Wins The Worldcup, Curse of the evil Vampires, Encounters Pac-Man
    -Augustus Pablo - Healer Dub
    -Bad Brains - I & I Survived
    -Easy Star All Stars - Radiodread and Dub Side of the Moon.
    -Gorillaz - Laika Come Home (Dub versions of the first Gorillaz CD)
    -Pretty Much anything King Tubby or Lee Perry related
    -King Jammy
    -Long Beach Dub Allstars were tight too.

  11. Fair enough. But at least you don't just respond saying "oh, I thought you were talking about DECENT music". Shit's wack.

  12. true.

    what 'dub' is everyone refering to?

    dubstep is basically just uses samples

    like this guy says kinda dark sounding but really pure music
  13. Dubstep.. I can listen to DubTerrain on iTunes Radio for hours.. So funky fresh when your chilling.

  14. alright mate, calm down.

    There are 2 types of dub apparently. And honestly mate, dont try and give me some history and music lesson when quite frankly i think i know enough. I am a drum and bass producer and dj so i know my share :)

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