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  1. Does installing dual exhaust to your vehicle do anything really signifigant? Other than create better airflow for the engine adding horsepower?

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  2. Depends on the vehicle, most newer stuff is so controlled by the ECM that changing something radically will have negative effects on the operating of everything else...If you have a specific car in mind I'd say to join some forums on that brand....
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  4. most people who do dual exhaust do it the wrong way and up losing back pressure...do an X-pipe and you'll be fine. As for what it does, most cars it's just aesthetics and sound, very few actually gain HP by going dual (unless they have a power adder which benefits from the car breathing better)
  5. Yeah, unless you're running forced induction, there's not an actual "need" for dual exhaust. But it does sound really nice and would give some small power gains if done right. If you're looking to do it for power, just save up for a good set of headers and then do the rest of the exhaust.
  6. It looks really nice and if done properly can add a few HP. Look at sonata SE for example, looksmuch better and has a 2 or 3 hp advantage
  7. funny story, my 2013 Elantra has dual from the factory, it's supposed to have added like +3 over the single exhaust.
  8. I also wouldn't bother doing it unless you have a V8. And even then a single exhaust can be better, like sfar said, it really has to be done right or you won't have any gains... Except you'll weigh less from all the money you spent. And that's only if you used cash.
  9. Changing the mufflers alone most likely isn't going to offer any performance gains regardless of what the manufacturer says. If you are looking for performance gains, look into changing out the midpipe to a less restrictive one or getting headers. Though when you get into that things get expensive. Changing the pipe to a bigger diameter isn't going to offer any gains unless you have a power adder or are pushing a good bit more power than stock, otherwise it might actually negatively affect your performance.
  10. mufflers help with back pressure, putting on a muffler and either gutting or removing your cat's will give you probably a +2hp difference BUT if you go from say 2" exhaust to 2-1/2" or if it's a V8 go 3" (even boosted 4-bangers need 3") then you'll notice a good amount of torque difference...also, if you go that route you'll wanna take off your exhaust mani and get some aftermarket header(s)...AND make sure you plug up all your o2 sensors into the wiring harness or get the sensor deletes that way you don't throw a CEL which will put some cars into "limp mode"

    sorry, got a little technical there.
  11. I must say, the best diameter depends entirely on the engine.

    I had two vehicles, exactly the same 1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee 5.9. One had stock exhaust, the new one has headers and 3" exhaust. I must say, the stock one had more "go" right off the line, but above 3000 rpm, the new one would probably kick its ass.

    Just be careful with the diameter, that is all. You can have gains overall, but losses is certain areas too.
  12. You guys got to be shitting me! Alot of cars see significant gains from dual exhaust! He also didnt say what size of enngine. Of course some little four-banger isnt going to see any gains. Is he talking about a true dual exhaust or just a catback? My 95 Z28 camaro gained 15hp from just a borla catback.
    Try this
    What size exhaust tubing should I use for my street application?
  13. my Cobra had Borla duals and didn't even get 15hp after we put it on the dyno, it may have seen 8hp...

    and turbo 4-6 cylinders benefit from 3", V8's CAN benefit from 2-1/2" to 3" depending if you have any bends, if there are no bends then it's just flowing straight through and it's not building up back pressure, which an engine needs.
  14. Okay thats a Cobra. What was the stock hp? And the stock exhaust on LT1 camaro's are shit. So it can make a big difference espically by year and make
  15. 390bhp, it would have benefited more than your car from a dual since it was a supercharged car and they love to breathe better than something that's NA. But i guess your LT1 is that suffocated to where putting a dual on it opened it up...that's why i hate Chevy's.
  16. Of course its going to benefit more it has more hp! Every car wants to breath better. Thats the most basic way to make a car faster. The more air you can flow threw an engine the faster the car. And any aftermarket exhaust is going to do better than stock. Haha but I guess you probably drive some ricer where it cant make enough power to handle a dual exhaust
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    uhh, your car gained more HP than mine did and yours has probably nearly 125hp less than mine from the factory.

    and "ricers" don't (or shouldn't) use dual exhausts, but since i ran 3" exhaust compared to whatever your little Camaro ran, i guess i didn't make enough HP to run duals (i was 440whp on the dyno)...and my Civic i had would have dusted your LT1 so i wouldn't be so quick to call any import a ricer...but i guess i'd be mad if my V8 was slow too.
  18. All I was trying to say is that dual exhaust isn't necessary unless your engine really has to breathe or came with dual from the factory. A single exhaust can perform just as well as a dual on a mostly stock engine and is probably cheaper. The only reason for duals imo is for the sound or extreme forced induction.
  19. pretty much, if it has dual headers than you can run dual exhaust and be just fine, if you're running a single header than just run a single exhaust since that's what you'd benefit more from.
  20. What about a y-pipe

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