Dual exhaust. Exhaust tent and light separate?

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  1. This is for my next grow, as I always try to research ahead.
    Small tent 2' D x 4' W x5' H
    I'm going to bite the bullet and go with a 400w MH/HPS cool tube.  Current grow is with CFLs.
    Do you vent the cool tube and the tent separately, or do you only vent from the cool tube?  Or are temps the deciding factor?
    Any help is appreciated.  Many thanks.

  2. with your size tent id get a 6" 450cfm inline fan and go like this carbon filter >> duct >> cool tube >> duct >> inline 6" inline fan >> outside. I run 2 fans but I have a bit bigger tent and 1000 watt light. I could of went with one fan but I went for this set up to make sure I could keep my room cool. I think it would of been impossible to keep it cool with one fan. and also get a speed controller too
  3. Agreed with the above poster. I have a 3x3x6 tent setup with a 400w cool tube. My ducting is exactly as neonrio said (carbon filter > duct > tube > duct > 6in inline fan > outside (or recirculating in room to recycle the heat when needed).  Works great. I have to run my inline fan on a dimmer though because with that small of a tent even at low speed the air gets flushed through pretty damn quick (~1-2x's per minute on low speed).  Definitely no need for a separate cool tube line and carbon filter line. That's just overkill.  :)
  4. Only the temp should be the deciding factor.Anyway u can have closer the light if u have 2 fans.This way u will get more light for the plants.

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