Dual chambered grow tent

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by AM68, Dec 27, 2012.

  1. I have built a grow box out of a closetmaid, and lately I am thinking if I am going to do this in my garage, I might as well lock down the garage and consider getting a grow tent. I can not seem to find a dual chambered grow tent available in the USA. Everything seems to be overseas and EXPENSIVE.

    Can anyone tell me how easy it would be to take a grow tent and add a divider in the center of it? I am looking to do a side by side style dual chamber grow. One area for the mother plant and the other area for the flowering room.

    I was thinking just multiple layers of panda film layered together or some heavier material and either gluing or velcroing it in the area the divider would go. Of course I don't want to invest in this and ruin it. Any tips or pointers welcomed! Thanks
  2. If you've got a power drill and something that'll cut 2x4s, you can build your own for cheaper than any tent. Plus, the 2x4s are stronger than the poles used for grow tents.

    Adding a divider wouldn't be incredibly difficult. Any big box home improvement store has construction plastic sheeting, usually by the cement stuff, that is light proof.

    Duct tape would be my first choice over glue. Duct tape is strong enough but removable.

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