Dual-Chamber Bong

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  1. had this bong for about 2 years, paid $300 for it originally, does it look quality made? I just recently cleaned it using the guide on this forum, so that's why it still has a bit of water in it.

    let me know what you guys think.


    took it with my iphone, dont own a camera, lol. sorry for the crap quality.
  2. Is there any name on it? It looks alot like one of the cheap bongs you can get on this site.
  3. They sell these/bongs very similar to these in cigarette stores here in cali for wayyyyyyyyyyy cheaper than $300. Maybe $150 tops.
  4. [​IMG]

    175$ on grasscity lol.
  5. looks like some fine china to me, so for 300 thats a bit steep....150-200 tops would be more like it....
    id smoke out of it tho, no doubt, nice clean glass is always in style.....
  6. Woah never noticed GC carrying that one, nice piece.
  7. ah, well it was two years ago when I bought it... got it at a local shop, not on GC.

    Oh well, I got ripped a lil I guess. Can't wait to start my new job, I was looking over the high end glass thread and saw some nice glass there I wanna get my hands on.
  8. beauty is in the eye of the beholder my man. If you like it and it gets you ripped, that's all that matters. :smoke:

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