Dual Boot Baby!

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  1. So, I got a little bored over my spring break and decided to make my laptop dual-boot with the Windows 7 it came with and Ubuntu. So far it's working pretty sick! I've got two separate partitions for each operating system, with a third partition used for music, videos, documents, etc. to be shared across the 2. After playing with Ubuntu for 2 days, I forgot how fuckin sweet Linux is as opposed to Windows when trying to do anything except playing overpriced computer games!
  2. I'm rocking Ubuntu and win7 on my laptop as well.

    ubuntu for leisure purpose/learning code

    windows for producing

    So far treating me good.
  3. I need to get myself a laptop that I can dual boot with linux, not that I dont have the ability to now, it just doesnt sound fun to mess around with a laptop that cant even boot from usb.. As much shit as I've talked about apple, a mac sounds like the best option for booting multiple OS as it is the only machine you can boot any OS from. I have had the hardest time trying to install mac on a custom built PC (not supposed to be easy). It would be nice to have a laptop with 3 separate partitions and the ability to boot into the OS of choice. I may look into this when the new macbook pros are released, depending on the ridiculous msrp of course.
  4. Use a CD boot dude. Get the install CD ISO, burn it to a disc. Every laptop I've ever used can boot from a CD (If you set the boot options right). As far as setting up the partitioning, you should be able to find multiple guides on how to do it. It's not hard at all. It took me all day, but I didn't have any real problems getting everything set up like I did.
  5. I used to triple-boot, so there. :p

    All jesting aside, I had 7 for most things, 98 for some old programs that came out just after DOS died and openSUSE just to keep up to scratch with Linux.
  6. Can anyone tell me how to dual boot or give me links to the files I need cuz I couldnt figure it out last time my biggest problem is I have and processor
  7. Holy shit, first person I've heard of to dual boot 7 and 98 on the same machine. :D
  8. To dual boot you either need two hard drives or you have to partition the one you have (google how to partition if you aren't familiar). Once you've secured the space you simply install (just make sure you select the partitioned drive or second hard drive for its install location). Once it's all done, you'll restart and see a new menu asking you to select the operating system you want to boot. It will look something like this:

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