Dual Arc Bulbs" (600 watt HPS and 400 watt MH in same bulb)

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  1. Regarding the "Dual Arc Bulbs" (600 watt HPS and 400 watt MH in same bulb), isn't it hard to cool that monster? The total spectrum idea is intoxicating, but doesn't it generate at least twice as much heat as a standalone 600 watt HPS?

    I would like to try one, but I'm thinking it would be too much heat for my small grow room, which is 3.5 x 3.5 x 8 = 98 cubic feet.

    Opinions, please. And thanks.
  2. I have not run these dual arc bulbs, but it should be no hotter than a standard 1000W light. It might even be cooler than a standard HPS. My Hortilux Super HPS are WAY hotter than the SunPulse lights. All 1000W.

    It will be as hot as a six hundred HPS and a 400W MH in the same room.
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    'bout the same heat. dont put them on digital balasts:(. iv burned through 3.

    if mine sat turned off, they went bad for me. so i averaged 1 bulb per grow. trying to get perpetual but that scares me if i only have that 1 bulb going. if it burns out and i dont catch it in time...
  4. why do they burn out on digital ballasts?
  5. the acoustic resonance is what makes the bulbs fail. my understanding is that the hz output varies greatly and creates the resonance. ive read eye/hortiluxs press release and sunpulse s info . the guy at sunpulse really knows his stuff. dual arcs are awesome idea but have lower output and shorter lamp life. seems like a novelty.
  6. Which one are you guys refering to. I have seen this one but the problem is that a "hybrid bulb" cuts the watts in half. The one linked is for a 600w HID lighting system. When you cut it on 300watts go to the HPS side, 300watts go to the MH side.


    Its a big turn off because to have both your effectually cutting in half the amount of power of the MH or HPS side.

    I read a review in High Times about a year ago I think. They did not care for it to much because of that.

    Most people buy a certain wattage HID system for there grow space size. Putting that bulb in you cut it in half. Thats why they do not sell to well nor many companies involved in the making of it.

    Like myself I have a 400w HPS tube. I bought it because it perfectly shines up my grow space. One of those bulbs if they sold one for 400w systems would make my HPS side of the house 200w.

    I think as LED lighting evolves that will be the biggest reason they take off. They can emit multi spectrum.
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    I run dual arcs on digital ballasts with no problems. Lumatek ballasts are the best hands down. I've been running a 600w agromax dual arc on a 1000w dimmable lumatek for months with no issues ever.

    The 1000w phantom I have simply can't push a 600w bulb to save it's life! It pulses like crazy and never finds a solid spectrum. The phantom is now pushing a hortilux 1000w dual arc just fine although it does pulse from time to time. The phantom also drives the bulb harder making it buzz and humm from time to time.

    If you want the best. get a lumatek 600w or 1000w ballast and buy your bulbs locally so they can be returned if blown.

    Agromax 600w dual arc is the best bulb I've used yet. Has the clearest spectrum and has produced faster growth than my 1000w hortilux dual arc and my 1000w ultrasun dual arc.

    I got on the dual arc kick a couple months ago and now all my friends use them after seeing the results
  8. im definately not saying they dont work i bet they rock socks, but i can do it with two 1k's for hella cheaper thats all.
  9. i got a 600 watt hps an i just put three two week clones under it .. the clones are limp an shriveled up but the roots an main stem are lookin good what could it be .. the previouse grower snipped em at the leaves ?/ what do i do
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    You get your own thread
  11. hey im running 400 mh along side my 600 hps as told will get a superior bud with adding this mh is this true ? in what way can i expect my plants to turn out ? been growing years just never used mh along side hps before ! be greatfull for the heads up on what is difrent!
  12. greener growth, more/larger leafs... more THC! the blue spectrum in MH bulbs contains UV light which HPS dont or have very little of. Cannabis' natural defense to UV rays is THC trichomes. Expect your growth to be greater and more lush, with an increase in potency ;)
  13. Very true. I have half of my room under a horti eye super hps and the other half under an ultrsun 1000w dual arc and I have to say that the growth is much more dense and the trichomes are much more vibrant than under the hps. The leaves get more trichs and the plants seem to grow faster under the dual arc
  14. I haven't like the dual arcs much, but mainly from a durability standpoint. In our first test run for a distributer we had 3 bulbs in a 6 bulb case never fire, and one blew within a week. They sent us more 12 total and we had similar failure rates on electronic, digital and coil ballasts.

    I finish with blue bulbs so the extra blue in flowering was not that critical. The bulb turning on every time was.
  15. Hey freak, what bulbs didn't fire if your ok with telling? I also have two other types of dual arc bulb and haven't had any bad experiences yet. My veg room is under a 1000w horti superblue(dual-arc), and I also have some 600w agromax dualies going. So far my favorite is the agro bulb but the ultrasun emits almost what looks like a purple spectrum and well the plants seem to love it. My bigger girls in the middle stretched like crazy for the dualarc while the other side of the plant being hit with hps barely strtched at all! :(

  16. I have all digital ballasts and dualarcs. Nothing has burned out yet.

    Phantom ballasts drive the bulbs hard. Lumateks run the bulbs very cool an quiet
  17. They were SolarMax bulbs. I don't think it was ballasts. I think the bulbs were just super fragile, there is a lot of stuff bouncing around in there.

    I never even tried the Hortilux version, though it is a brand I trust highly and wouldn't be shocked if they fire every time for you.
  18. im running 600 hps with a 400 mh along side it and the mh dosnt give of much so id say your looking at a little hotter than a standard 600hps . before i added the 600hps i was veging with just mh and in the night found it hard keeping the temp above 14c and out doars temp was 11c , gives you a idea how cool the mh runs !! my first time using both laps at same time but know the results can be very good and the mh helps improve the poatantsy of the buds!!! cant wait to see end result and only took 7 days from flipping lights to 12 12 and all 8 have visable hairs from top to bopttom of plants . hope this gives you a idea what to expect with heat . happy ;)growing
  19. I want to try the horti blue in my flower room to see how that does :)
    The spectrum on that bad boy is frickin huge!!!
  20. I am on grow #2 with a dual arc, Lumitek 600w adjustable ballast.

    Works great.

    I veg with a 400w first, 24/7 then bloom with the 600w dual arc.

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