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  1. So i have a 50 gallon rez(trash can)
    And my issue is after my feed pump comes on and shuts off my water slowly continues to flow out untill its close to the lvl of the plants. The only idea i had was insted of running the line out of the top of res i could poke a hole towards the bottom but i think it would still do the same thing.

    Any thoughts on this is greatly appreciated.
  2. If I am understanding you correctly,
    You could add a t-interesect in the feeder line, but still in the reservoir (ie. your outake line which may not be a feeder line). You would lose some pressure during feed, as the solution would exit at this T also, but given that it is at a lower altitude than the feeders (presumably), it would drain out there and at least break the vacuum.

    Hard to really understand completely without photos though.
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  3. I couldn't completely follow your description, but bear in mind that pumps and their hoses can behave as siphons.
    If a pump is pumping water into a reservoir, and that pump is lower in height than the top of the reservoir fluid, then water can siphon out when the pump is off.
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  4. You seemed to have nailed my problem, the res is 4 feet tall pump at bottom and my tables are at 2 feet so until the res is half empty the vaccume keep the water flowing.

    Thays what im going to try ill put a tee at the top of the res inside the res and put one of my feeder rings on it. Its a great and cheap way ro start, thanks man.
  5. Yea dabbed a bit b4 making this thread

    You comment is exactly whats happening,going to try the feeder ring in the rez tonight. Hopeing by putting it at the top it may introduce air into the line when pumps off.
  6. I've imagined myself jackhammering and reconcreting a space below my basement's grade to fix this :pimp:

    I think you can just buy a one way pump (back to res) or valve to repair.

    Also, try my idea, add a feeder line in the res below the gravity line. May have to decrease the amount of solution in the tank though.
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  7. Nope cant do that lol need all the water i can get. But you got me thinking i need to do something.
  8. Jackhammering the floor was a thought too.....lmao
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  9. Well i used half your idea and put the T at the top of the rez and it worked perfect, thanks man thats gonna save me tons of water. 1009181839_HDR_noexif.jpg 1009181839a_HDR_noexif.jpg
    Just took some tubeing and pinched one end off and cut a small hole.
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  10. Thats a nice set up but i went that way with the large totes and did not like it. The cans are better for me for maintenance they roll around and dont take up lots of floor space.
    Plus my lowest table is only 9 inchs off the ground.
  11. Now i have to do this same thing to 2 other rezs...
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  12. Yep, glad you got her figured out. Stoned engineering, I love it
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  13. Just a little bit of advise for anyone who wants to use this same can for a rez, it a 55g rubbermade roughneck can i think.
    Dont buy it. Last time i filled it pretty close to the top i came home next day and it had tipped over......fuck.......50g of water on the floor.
  14. :(
  15. Yea it sucked but at least i have a floor drain that took care of it.....
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