DT's soil CFL grow @ 1 month (+random pics)

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  1. ok, so heres a pic of my baby, she [i hope] is about a month old, and i am going to start flowering as soon as i can get a timer, which will probably be friday (payday :))
    since i dont have a very big grow space.

    it has 2 CFL's shining down on it which total about 100w

    enjoy: PLANTY!.JPG

    PS: this picture was taken yesterday before my prunage of it, and damn i need another picture already its grown a good bit since then! oh and also heres a pic of my and my girlfriend that im in love with!


    PPS: heres a cool pic from being stoned of ME!

  2. saw this thread last night, but it didnt have any pics.

    Nice lookin plant, cool pics. I smacked my girl with the end of a fan leaf once. hehe.
  3. HIGH All, looks nice and healthy DT.
  4. That plant is a beauty mine is almost at the 3 week mark and it looks like half the size of yours.how tall?............. Good Grow.. holdin it down for tha east i C.....EastSide!!!
  5. its about a foot tall right now, been growing with light, dirt, and happy thoughts, oh and water.

    i am considering constructing a wooden frame that would support about 8-10 CFL's and have a chain so i can adjust the height of the structure so i can grow more plants and it'll be easier :p. updated pics up soon i hope
  6. new idea sounds good plant looks really healthy keep up the good work;)
  7. So, how much have you spent on your grow so far?
  8. so far i have spend around maybe $50

    2 clamp lamps about $20 total - home depot
    dirt - free - stolen from outside a k-mart
    2 CFL's - about $20 total - wal-mart
    and uhhh $10 for the gram i got the seeds out of :p

    cant wait till harvest time :)
  9. ok, a week later, and here are some updated pics, i clipped all fan leaves off except for the new ones growing out up top, and since i have pruned it the branches are really starting to take off! im excited, its on 12/12 right now, i went out and got a digital timer, gonna pick up more lights next week when i find out if its a boy of girl, pray for me and my girl [hopes] .



  10. DAAAAAAAAMN son, nice lookin plant.
  11. nice herb you got growing there.
    i hope it's a girl.:smoking:
  12. Pretty Pretty DT. i gat my fingers crosed 4 ya. you should start seeing sex in a week.
  13. So even in post #10, its still under those CFL lights, at 100 W ?

    please catch me on AIM, at: ctcoyote16

    I would appreciate it alot. Thanks
  14. transplant to a bigger pot as soon as you know the sex if it ends up being female.
  15. already did..

    and updated pics should be comming up soon! dosent look much different, just a lot bushier now, its been about a week and it looks like it might be leaning towards a male :( but i had another plany growing outside which isnt much, its actually quite ugly, but im already started growing it inside as a backup, 2/3 seeds is a female, at least for me they always are, after about 5-6 grows. so everyone smoke a finger-crossed bowl for my dry ass and my plant!
  16. ITS A GIRL!!! pics soon.


  17. Congrats

    what did you name your new daughter?

  18. cutting heathy fan leaves off will slow you down and decrease bud harvest weight.older leaves also let you see how your plant is using up the fertilizer.when they become pale during flowering you know that your nitrogen levels arent too high.have you thought about taking a few clones off the lower branches to send plant energy to the teminal bud(top)?
  19. as a matter of fact, i just did this morning, i cut off 1 branch for clone. i should be having pictures up soon! its getting huge.

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