DT X NL X WW 22 day of flowering

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  1. Out of six plants there were three females. At the height they have reached and the spreading out the've done, I am not bummed because I only got three girls. The biggest one is 43", followed by a 38" and a 36 one. If they get taller my growspace can handle it as it is 8' tall. When I sexed them I looked in the internodal spaces NdicaBud advised they may be found and they were there. I repotted the girls into 3 gal. pots.

    I need to get better at taking zooming in shots. I will practice that. So apologies from the newbie to you guys are given.

    Any comments, suggestions on this grow or this strain if you've grown it will be much appreciated. Adios.

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  2. looking very good, keep us posted

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