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  1. hey gc. so i just finished my first sucessfull grow/harvest of barneys farm lsd. my one plant yeilded 6.5oz of some really dank weed and i am very happy with that. i just picked up some new equipment which includes 400w cooltube, 595cfm inline fan and a couple other things. im going to continue cloning and trying to perfect this strain untill i get it right and then im planning on trying out so different things. as of now my clone is well established and vegging under my 400w mh. prolly let her veg for another week then start flowering. anyway thats about it. thanks for checking this out gc and stay tuned in this should be a good one:)

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  2. well i did the first round of lst today and shes really lovin this new light.

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  3. Looks like it! Now just sit back and watch the beautiful process... :D Until you tie her down again. lol
  4. Nice tent and filter there.
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    No, see the way it's supposed to work is you get the pro rig, then you get the pro yield. But you already got the pro yield with the non-pro gear. So getting the pro gear on top of that, I dunno, I think that's cheating, dsq. :smoking: +rep on the setup, anyway. Ah, they won't let me.
  6. lol thats the plan buddy
  7. y thank you sir:)
  8. thanks alatar. lol nothing wrong with cheating is there? dont worry about the rep man its the thought that counts:)
  9. shes really lovin this lst:smoke:

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  10. Dont forget, cloning is taking away a generation of the mother plant, so when you think you are perfecting, you may be taking away potency as well. But so far everything looks like you are on the right track. STAY GREEN
  11. nice dsq!

    I cant believe you got that much from your first grow.

    Be sure to let me know any techniques or refinements you make along the way with this strain, im about 12 days from 12/12 on mine, and they are SUPER bushy
  12. My impression, and that's all it is really, is that it usually takes a while to encounter loss of vigor due to cloning. All these clone-only "strains" must be supporting a great number of clone generations in order to sustain even a low level of commercial distribution. I'm guessing that dsq will tire of LSD before his LSD plants tire of cloning.
  13. correct me if im wrong but clones have the same exact genetics as the plant they were taken from so i shouldnt be losing anything.
  14. that sounds more reasonable.
  15. shes really showing some vigorous growth now. shes still really healthy and havent had any problems thus far. should be switching to 12/12 within the week just watin to pick up a few smaller inline fans for ventilation and then ill be good to go.

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  16. So how do you like the LSD clone experience so far, dsq? Are they branchier than the momma? Less topping, more LSTing? Lots and lots of tops?

    I'm working with clones for the first time right now, not LSD clones alas, and I'm finding them very easy to deal with. They want to be bushes... :bongin: and since that's what I want too, we're getting along nicely.
  17. hey alatar im actually really likin workin with the clones. they just seem all around alot easier to take care of for some reason. she does seem much brachier then the mother but i did top a few more times than i did last time around. but yes still going strong on the lst'in. i just did another round of lst today. shes really gona be a big girl when shes all grow up:smoking:

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  18. nice start to your new grow and great yield from your previous you trully have a green thumb..ill be around for the finish..i dont want to sound to much like a nube but what is LSD?:confused:
  19. Hows the LSD doing with the hydro? Still growing very slowly for my in soil -- Ive already got DWC buckets built for next round!!
  20. hey bud thanks man. no worrys LSD is the name of the strain of weed that i am growing.

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