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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by thedailydaren, Oct 22, 2014.

  1. Now, I only named it a half ass grow because I'm limited. I'm limited by funds and experience, but because I more then make up for it in tenacity and luck, here we are.

    Bought a 40w CFL 2700 (before I knew that I should veg at 5600) and started four bag seeds in organic seeding mix.

    Also bout some basic lowes nutes, the organic one in the little yellow bottle, for a plant that's all but dead. This journal prolly won't be about that little guy. ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1413988349.446377.jpg

    Planted on Sunday. Sprouted this little guy yesterday in the eight hours that I was at my main job. Looking good so far. I've got them on a 24/0 light schedule.

    Critiques comments anything is welcome. Welcome to my grow!

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  2. Went home at lunch and saw the stem of another girl ready to break thru. I'll have two babies by nightfall. Part of me is hoping that I only end up with two -- any more an my light budget goes up and then I have to get my fans sooner.

    Limitations, limitations.

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  3. You need good ventilation from the start, plants will not grow without fresh air. Also you want 6500k for veg, I'm hoping it was a typo...
    Read through the guides on this site http://www.growweedeasy.com/
  4. yea that 24/0 schedule is good to run. I would do 20/4 that last week before flowering then do 24hrs dark before going into flowering. Sets them up just right so that sex early in bloom. Atleast imho.
  5. Set up a fan in the closet today, little stalks are shivering nicely in the wind. It wasn't a typo I can see your reading comprehension is a little low...said I bought the 2700k before I knew I needed a 6500k. Going back to the store on payday for one and planning to use both. I've read a spectrum doesn't hurt.

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    will do

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  6. Nothing wrong with my reading ability, your original post says 5600. A fan stirring around used air is of little help, you need to extract spent air and get fresh in... Just trying to help, good luck with the grow.
  7. It does! My bad i meant 6500... Point is I fucked up at the store.

    I realized that today about the airflow and now I'm trying to figure out exactly how to apply it. I'm basically just growing in an open box in my closet. It's not an air right space so it's pretty much room temp. Ill leave the entire walk in closet/bathroom area open today.

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    ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1414090649.711987.jpg picture of the kids
    I'm going to need more light and soon.

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  9. Just a thought, does the bathroom have an extractor fan? Better than nothing as a stop gap measure....
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    both intake and out -- heat and ac. Only reason I didn't set up a grow underneath the bathroom sink is my fear of heAt from the shower and humidity problems. But it would be easier to have an enclosed space where I can control airflow vs just a pot in the closet with the door open when it's hot and closed when it's not. Thoughts?

    Thanks for the feedback

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  11. Any chance of cutting a hole in the closets ceiling, is it just dry wall?
  12. i would but I live in an apartment. Honestly the ac/heat I ale vent is in the wall that makes up the right side wall of the closet. I had originally thought about cutting a hole into that but then I don't want to alter the walls too much. There's a little attic space I'm not sure what's inside in my bathroom. Thinking I might have access to intake and outtake vents if I go up there...

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  13. Find a way brother, find a way...
  14. I'll be reading your journal for sure! Just for the similarities. I have a studio appt with an open layout. It doesn't get warm because we always have on the a/c. I'm positive it never gets above 80

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  15. Whats wrong with these leaves?

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    Don't see anything wrong. I see your cotyledons fully formed and new growth about to come out from the stalk...exactly as it should be blade :smoke:  Keep her goin'
  17. I guess its a bad picture but they look a little burnt and yellow. Also they haven't changed at all since presenting, although haven't checked in 8 hours
  18. Looking again and still trying to get a good pic but its for sure. I planted both at the same time and both of the cotyledons are the same size-- but Lefties first set of true leaves look almost cauterized. It looks like they got munched or bunched up.

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