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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ItalianGymSocks, May 25, 2010.

  1. i've been keeping my weed in an airtight container lately, and as of today when i went to go smoke some of it, i noticed it was really dry and pretty harsh. anything i can do to reverse this?
  2. i think putting an orange peel in the baggie with the weed can help refresh your bud
  3. A time machine. Which ironically, weed is a substitute for. And thus, the circle is complete. :smoke:
  4. can i just open it up for a little bit? like overnight?
  5. Wouldn't that just dry it out more? Try the orange peel, I've heard about it.
  6. Put an orange peel in there. Change it every day or two and don't let it touch your weed. It should moisturize it back up.
  7. What kind of container are you using?
  8. im using this one airtight container i found in my room that you can like pump the air out of it. ha its supposed to simulate outer space. i got it when i was a kid
  9. i keep my weed in a mason jar (one of the jars you use to make jam) and i have no problem with dryness...the only thing you have to make sure is that your not constantly opening and closing your jar...basically it promotes/allowed airflow which is whats drying up your bud.
  10. Orange peel = Mold.
  11. if my weed gets too dry ill take a leaf off of one of my plants and stick it in the container and overnight it regains some moisture. be careful of mold though.

  12. Ok just sometimes people use pill jars or something like that and those really aren't 100% air tight. Try getting a mason jar, never failed me and if you store it somewhere dark and cool your trichomes just SHINE haha.
  13. put it in a mason jar and ignore anyone telling you to put shit in with your weed, that causes mold. air it out in cycles
  14. if its already dried out hows that gonna help?
  15. Try taping the orange peel to the roof of whatever it is that you're putting your weed in. Don't let it touch.

    And make sure to check up on it a lot to make sure it's not moldy.. Idk..
  16. get an orange peel and put it in the same container as your dank. will be good in like a night. to dry it out, i leave my shit in the sun for like 10 minutes
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    it depends on just how dry it is. if it isnt completely crumbling in your fingers when you try to bust it OP, then there is still moisture left in the buds. a secondary phase of curing will redistribute some of this moisture and give you a better smoke.

    let me reiterate: DO NOT PUT ANYTHING IN WITH YOUR HERB. this puts your bud at a very high risk for mold and once mold starts developing, the bud belongs in the trash.
  18. I've never hadda problem with using an orange peel to refresh alil herb. Just don't be foolish and leave it in there for days an days. Especially if it is just a small amount you'll have it smoked an gone long before the mold will develop.
  19. If you pump all of the air out so it was a vacuum/near vacuum wouldn't it encourage the water to evaporate from your weed into the vacuum to take the place of the air and also water boils at very low temps at low pressure? Thus drying out your weed

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