Dryness at lower leafs

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by MoW, Feb 26, 2003.

  1. All my babies are growing nicely excepy for concerns that have been there for a couple of weeks now.

    The lower leafs have turned brown and brittle to the point of falling off.

    These plants are in veggy stage and under 400 watt HPS about 48 " above the plants also good ventilation temp is steady 78F.

    I attach a picture..any clues?

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  2. hmm it looks like it got underwattered cause its not that bad at top..that or if ur watering it ok maybe a type of fert/soil burn? its comin from the bottom up n its not just the leaves so...
    gimme a lil more info n ill get back to ya :)
  3. I think maybe they got a little toasted...becuase I keep backing off the light distance, I'll see if that helps.
    I haven't given them any fert till yesterday.

    I'll make sure they get plenty of water so they can recoup.
    But of course i'll make sure they don't sit in any water. U sally water them, then they drain very well.

    This is the same type of grow soil i have used before with no problems.
  4. you can have a few things going on there the soil does look a little dry 48 inches seems awfully far away when ever my babyies are looking a little ill I would put them under flouros and it would do wonders also how old is your plant I allways wait until there at least a foot tall and healthy before going to hps you might of put it under the hps to soon
  5. I grow using only 400w hps and unless the lamp has been ridiculously close (under18 inches or so) when the plant was newly sprouted, i cant see that being the problem.It's more likely to be something to do with the soil/ferts in my opinion. As you water every day i cannot see that being an issue
  6. Mow is that miricle grow soil?....if so it may be due to the higher fert in it......it could possibly have been the lights at the time it happened, were those leaves the top ones?....it looks o.k at the moment.....if it is miricle grow soil then it happens but it works out o.k.....theres good new growth on the top and none of the rest of the leaves l;ook like they are changing colour....i woyldn't worry too much about it.....Peace out....Sid

    ps how did the last grow go?
  7. I think it went rather well for being the first. I got about 1 oz of great smoke and 2 oz of so so but good and 4 oz of leafs that get ya high for 20 minutes..grin

    My dog likes it..

    I think I am gonna restart this grow. I will give them a chance to see what happens but I started some new seeds and will start about 12 of them. I have a green house now! and will be moving some of the babies into it.

    I also have these little green house type things that I will use on a large deck I have around the pool, it should be interesting.

    I will have more time for my hobby in a couple of weeks.
  8. Just keep an eye (or finger inserted 2" into the soil) on the dampness of your soil and move that light a little closer - 48" away for a 400W bulb seems about 18"-20" too far away...

    Try to get away from chemical fertilizers and go with organic stuff - it's almost impossible to fuck up a plant with organics. Half the horror stories on this list are due to chemical fertilizer problems.

    Get some worm castings and some organic seaweed/fish liquid fertilizer, King Neptune comes to mind, add once every 3 weeks or so and you will have a righteous bud stash in no time...

    Oh yeah, I've also found that giving my plants nothing but good ol' (free) rainwater goes a long way to making the plants happy - there's not nearly the amount of chemicals as found in tap water and ya don't have to worry about the Ph so much, plants already have adapted to it through the millennia...

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