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  1. Ohhhhh dear lord guys my last batch of Armageddon Skunk was so powerful. The strongest stuff I have ever had. Such an amazing beautiful buzz.

    I now have another oz of it and it has been drying for the past week naturally. However I am dying to take a sample. Whats the best way to dry it at this piont so that I can test it :D

  2. just whack ur sample in ur airingcuppord (where your water boiler is)
  3. if it has indeed been drying for a week then sample away:)
  4. If its dry enough to burn and not cause to much harshness go for it.. hopefully you are just taking a sample and not planning on rushing the harvest.. you should obviously wait till the branch snaps when bent after hanging upside down for a couple weeks.. paper bag it with a couple side holes.. rotate daily for another week.. and start jarring..

    nothing is worse than uncured bud...
    well maybe somethings

  5. Put a sample in a black film container and put it in the freezer for a couple of hours. Then grind it and bong it :hello:
  6. Whooa .. its is already nice, thanks for all the tips :)

    This Armageddon Skunk is the strongest I have tried. Is there anything even stronger? Id buy it in an instant lol.. Hardcore :D
  7. NEVER freeze bud, you rupture the trichomes. Correctly dried and cured bud will keep indefinitely in a cool, dry place.
    But curing takes at least a month - there is no quick way to sample your bud at its very best, it all takes time.
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    He wanted to take an early sample. Just a taste.

    I wouldn't freeze properly dried and cured bud unless it was vaccum sealed.

    My technique works great on wet bud that's not quite ready. I get it at the dispenary all the time. I let it dry properly but if I can't wait I'll freeze a small bud so it grinds. Wet bud won't grind, and if it won't grind it's not dry enough to smoke.

    It usually smokes very good after I freeze it and put it in the grinder. If I smoke wet bud without freezing all I get is a headache.

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