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  1. is it okay to dry in a car? my friends car does not work any more so it just sits there i was wondering if we could dry in the car cuz the temp will rise and fall each night.
  2. nah man..try to keep it around the same temp as ur grow room, and a little less humidity. a car would be wayyyy too humid when its sunny out

    I once COOKED a venus flytrap when I left it in the car on a hot day. I do mean cooked! it was 100% black and smelled like cooked onions,
  3. Even fucked cars have windows. Garden sheds are a better bet.
  4. I hang mine in a dark closet with a fan blowing into the wall. The air circulates but doesn't blow directly on the plants. I would say stay away from the car idea too, heat and sunlight are destructive to THC.
  5. I live in arizona and i grew mine outside, should i just leave it sitting outside on the backporch?
  6. put them in a dark place
  7. ditto.... hanging upside down in a dark place with good air circulation, and the humidity at approx 50%, for approx 12 days......that does it for me.......Peace out.........Sid

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