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  1. when you hang your buds to dry how do you go about doing it? How do you keeps the smell down I've got a couple places I could potentially hang my buds but smell is still something I meds to consider and I can't hang them in my tent cause I'm doing another grow immediately after. Could I hang them in a closet, leave the door open and put an air purifier with built in carbon filter in front of it to get rid of some smell? I don't care if there is some smell I just don't want an order around my house since cops tend to drive through here
  2. You'd better vent through a filter then - because drying nugs WILL smell - there just isn't any way around it. Your air freshener will help but it certainly won't get rid of it...

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  3. Ona gel will help
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  4. Ona works great for me
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  5. How do I use ONA I've heard people say that it affected the taste and smell of their bud. Do I just buy a tub of it and set somewhere in the general area
  6. It comes in a tub . Unscrew the lid , break the seal , place it in your drying room / tent . It lasts about 6 to 8 weeks depending on the temperature
  7. P.S , it has no affect on the taste or the smell of the dried bud . Sorry i left that off ... stoned and typing just don't mix with me :weed:
  8. You can also wipe the gel on a door frame and it will stop the smell flowing out of that door. Its very effective stuff.

    I have a pot open in my lounge all the time. I vape a lot and its great at masking smells when visitors come over
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  9. I'm probably gonna get some ONA but would the air purifier with carbon filter work at all. I'm fine with the room and some rooms inside smelling like weed I just don't want the smell to get outside the house
  10. I built a 3ft X 2ft box using PVC pipe wrapped in Panda plastic. I have a removable top that can either accept an led light if Im vegging or attach a vent for drying & run the vent to my tent for exhaust.
    Hang my stems from a tomato cage (circular hang dry saves space) run a small fan aimed at the wall, small humidifier. Temps maintained at 64-68f with rh at 50-55

    Here's my box…

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