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  1. So I've been drying my girl for about 36 hours. Some of the buds are starting to get a little crispy. Some are not. I've got a fan blowing on them. The stems bend, def not snapping yet. Is 48 hours too short to dry before putting into jars to cure. Is it better to be a bit dryer than a bit moist before curing. A lot of info tells me that 5-7 days for drying. If I wait that long they will be toasted I think. I would say the temp is around 24-25% Celsius in my shed. Is it ok to turn the fan off to make the drying period longer?

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    My 2 cents:

    how you go about drying greatly depends on how dense your buds are and if you have many 'popcorn', 'airy' buds you are drying in the same batch.

    For my latest harvest I had about 3/4 dense-ish and 1/4 popcorn airy buds.

    Once the popcorn buds stems would snap, I put everything in a big jar and closed the lid. I waited about 30 minutes and then took them out of the jar. At this point the crispyness of the buds had gone away. I left em out til they got crispy again and then put back in jar with lid on. This time maybe 1 hour...took em out...you see the pattern here.

    In my opinion, once the outside of the buds are good and crispy, but stems are still bendy, not snapping, you can put them in a sealed jar for a VERY SHORT amount of time in order to help pull the moisture from the center of the buds.
    Once all the stems will snap, seal those mofos up for a cure, if that's what you wanna do, or just start smoking.

    correct me if I'm wrong.
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  3. Completely agree.
    Oh.. it's you again... :)
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  4. Curing is hard to explain. It's something I kinda had to figure out myself. We made a drying cabinet out of an old piece of furniture. I have a small 6" desk fan that blows very little air actually, in the cabinet with the hanging plants. Generally, depending on the size and density of the bud, we leave ours in the cabinet for 48 hours. Depending on what they're like at that point, I opt for jars. One thing I've discovered...if you go ahead and jar it up and leave it sealed for several hours and come back to find it much wetter than you initially thought, just leave the lid off the jar. Also, don't pack the jars full. You want the green in the jar, but it also needs enough room (air) so that you can move it around in the jar. In other words, don't put 2 grams of bud in a 1 gal. jar for cure. Too much air/space left in the jar surrounding the bud and it will dry too fast. I guess I fill mine half to 2/3 full. I generally don't even put the lids on the jars for a couple of days and just let the moisture evaporate slowly. I move the buds around several times in the jar each day...opening the lid and letting air in. But they'll slowly cure out like that. But it takes longer than a week to honestly cure out one the right way. Actually, more like about a month if it's done the way it should be. But you'll see the buds start to slowly begin to solid up as enough moisture evaporates. You just don't want to force too much out too fast or you will end up with crispy weed....not good. Best of luck. I read everything I could get my hands on too and all I got was confused. LOL TWW
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  5. As long as you have some loose guidelines to go by, that's the best way!
    It's always good to avoid mistakes but when you make one, I think we tend to be less likely to make them again in the future
  6. Don't have your fan blowing directly on the buds, you just want to stir the air some, so aim it at the wall and let the air bounce off and around the tent/room..
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  7. Ok cool thanks for the advice

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