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  1. sup guys well cut down my 6 ladies(what a job,8 hours)got some hanging up in the grow tent and some in boxes.my temp/hmid is 69/66 is this ok?im scared of geting mould as this is my first crop advice would be great tnx

  2. It wouldn't hurt to lower humidity a little as a percation, however I have dryed with 70% humidity without mold.  Make sure no buds are clumped together or hanging to close, allow air flow around, but not direct airflow drying them too quick.    The longer the dry/cure they better the smoke/taste/less harshness.  Ideal humidity I would say would be 50-60.   anything lower and your drying to fast imo
  3. how can i reduce the humidity?no money at the mo
  4. If there is airflow on them they should.be fine

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    honestly i think your fine, just have some kind of airflow in the room but not blowing directly on and you'll be ok.
    but a cheap easy option is go to walmart and get damprid. but seriously   you dont need this.
  6. They won't get mold while hanging to dry. The risk of getting mold comes when you store them in jars for curing. Keep burping the jars daily until the buds are no longer soft/moist.

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