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  1. My plants will be coming up for harvesting in about 3 weeks. So i was wondering what the best way of drying is. I do not have a closet that i can hang it in or anything like that. I was wondering if i could use a wooden box and vent the warm air from my grow room into the box to dry the weed out. would this work. or could i just put it in small boxes and hang it above my lights in the grow room.
  2. Hey there! Any space that you have that is dark, dry and clean should do it.

    I personally don't blow any heat or air over my buds. I like to let them dry as naturally as possible as to not upset the chemical process happening inside. "Fast drying" methods in my experience aren't worth the cons.
  3. To dry it you can hang it upside down in the wooden box. Make sure the box is well circulated, very low in humidity, and absolutely dark! I wouldn't vent warm air into the box. That could cause concerns with mold.
  4. when u say well circulated u mean plenty of fresh air circulating through the box.
  5. Use a moving box from Home Depot they are like 8 bucks and perfect they are called wardrobe moving boxes comes with a bar to hang on and everything


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  6. we dont have a home depot in this country.
  7. Use an equivalent of a giant box. The main thing is darkness and dryness. Do a little research. There are many ways to dry/cure harvested marijuana and it boils down to preference.

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