drying without trimming leaves ?

Discussion in 'Harvesting and Processing Marijuana' started by Wardman75, Sep 27, 2010.

  1. i have to go out of town and im having a friend that can only cut down and hang my plant. Will it be ok for 3 weeks drying with leaves still on it ?
  2. It'll prolly be ok but its not really what you want. The leaves contribute to some harshness to the smoke (chlorophyll)...and can be a pain to remove once they have dried and cling to the bud...
  3. Tell him to give the leaves a lil trim. Itll leave the buds with a harsh smoking taste + taste chlorophyll-y
  4. i wouldnt let a friend harvest for me. EVER.

    Not even my closest buddy, harvests are one thing that can make even the stong-willed person into a scandalous guy you woulda thought youd never chill with.

    SCENARIO-having a bunch of bud around you, the grower is out of town, < NOW unless the guy is a grower himself and goes through this every couple months and doesnt have a rreason to be jealous of all your nugs, i wouldnt take chances of missing nugs, id cut early and give them to my mom to dry or some shit.

    idk , if your gonna go through with this i would just tell him to very carefully cut ONLY BIG ASS LEAVES, not the ones with trichs on them :p
  5. ok cool thanks ill do that
  6. I would be willing to stop by and make sure the harvest and trimming was done correctly for you :D :bongin:
  7. haha i wish someone who knew what to do could stop by:smoke:

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