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Drying without curing

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by one_love_dude, Dec 1, 2022.

  1. Sorry if this was already posted, but I have read so many comments on the topic if you can smoke weed right after drying without curing and the answer is pretty much > yes, but not recommended.

    However, if cannabis is left to dry out and smoked right after, does it still have THC components in it without being cured?

    First time grower with very little yields, however I am curious to try it out, as I have made a mistake a few times by cutting off a bud, drying it out under light and smoking it, but I was not sure if it was THC or the 'placebo' effect that gave me a mild buzz.

    Any comments/discussions are helpful!

    Thanks in advance!
  2. Smoke it up! Curing is mostly for taste, though some strains can get slightly more potent during cure.
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  3. Harvesting buds early to test is like drinking from a mostly empty cup. The trichomes haven't had a chance to fill up.
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  4. Yeah it was a rookie mistake, but I could not resist after seeing buds forming, at the time most of the trichomes were not even milky, however at trimming point, a bit more than 50% of them were milky white and the plant showed signs of stress, so I decided it's time to cut it down.
  5. Cool! Thank you for the comment!
  6. You really don't want to dry it under a light. Most people dry in the tent they grew so they can block the light too.
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  7. the main purpose of a cure is to convert the plant sugars into alcohol .. this is a fermentation process that brings out the latent aromas and smells via that alcohol being volatile and breaking down starches and sugars etc...
    if the plant you are harvesting is mature and ready you can quick dry and use it that way ... it will be very harsh as there are only sugars in there mostly with a tiny bit of ferment already occurring etc...
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  8. Yeah this was not optimal, the plant was still harsh and I don't think it even dried out as much as it should've... But first time for everything! Currently it's drying in a closed box (no lights, but not fully sealed so the air can flow).
  9. That was really simply explained! I've read through couple dozen articles/guides on growing/drying/curing and some of the information there got pretty overwhelming without really explaining the process 'behind the scene' and focusing more on steps/instructions. Thank you for the explanation!
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  10. no problem glad to explain it simply ... about the minimum for a cure is three weeks ... 6 months is Ideal but not many places do that. on emonth is about standard I'd say for a cure in most cannabis .. THC-a is being sold online and many THC-a being shipped is still wet and not even fully dried yet much less any type of cure... the folks are having to store it in a jar to Cure it out when they get it if not needing to air dry first LOL ...
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  11. 6 months without smoking it is something I will have to practice my patience for since this is the first drying/curing attempt for me, but I will do my best to leave them curing for at least one month. :biggrin:

    Thank you once again!
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  12. #12 Galaxy420, Dec 1, 2022
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    the RH ( relative humidity) meters are great to put in the jar with the curing cannabis so as to see how much humidity is in there ... it's not a problem if you make sure its dry before jarring it ... just make sure to open the jar the first few days so as to allow gases to escape ... after a few days those gasses will slow down being produced . and the waiting six months, that is some patience right there but most people just use cannabis from another source until theirs is ready etc...

    @one_love_dude just thought of the live resins being made etc... they are made from raw plant that gets squished so there is raw plant right there being used that way , or rather, the oil from the plant . I guess with flower the issue is the grass hay smell and Chlorophyll in the plant matter that could be there if not properly cared for
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  13. [​IMG]
    iron lung time for those that smoke starch hoping for a cheap thc hit

    like the old days it was popular then realized chlorophyll starch can be an issue

    some adapt with ease, strong floor needed, always good to carry a spare

    you have been warned lol
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  14. Holy shit @Vee ! best post Ever , Thank you a' man ! no doubt to you

    LOL - he just wanted a Cheap and quick THC hit !!

    almost fell off my chair man .. no shit
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  15. we all been there buddy!
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  16. I bookmarked your post , Luck # q13
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  17. Wasn’t this used for polio back in the day? Also it turns out the plant gave a pretty good high so it was worth a sour throat this morning, but will definitely note it and not smoke starch/non-dry plants!
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  18. I do the 7,7,7 dry. 7 days, 70° ,70Rh. Give a bud a squeeze,if it comes back to form it's about dry.
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  19. drying till the inner stem almost snaps , bend it till it starts to want to snap then its dry enough for cure ... that remaining inner moisture will allow the cure to commence ..

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