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Drying wet weed

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by Faceman, Mar 6, 2010.

  1. I just picked up an ounce last night (it weighed 32 grams) and it's a bit wet. How do i dry it out without it becoming moldy?
  2. I don't know about the drying but you got a good deal, you actually got 4g more than 1oz. A free bit of smoke.

  3. I know I got more :p But, it's wet so I may have gotten less yaknow? So I wanna dry it and see how much I really got so I know if I got ripped off or not :(
  4. Just put it in a big bag of rice, rice sucks up the moisture and it will be fine, although I'm sure your weed is fine

  5. That's actually really smart.. But, getting all that rice out from the weed might be a pain in the ass haha
  6. dude its just like picking seeds outta a bud of shitty weed
  7. If you have a mason jar you can just throw it in there and burp it every once in a while.
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    Brown paper lunch bag for 3 hours or until crispy fold the top of the bag over.
    Then glass jar for a day and then back into the bag if needed.

    repeat until right.

    i should also state that you can not makes pigs from shit.
  9. Right now I've got it in a mason jar with a napkin and the lid is off. I might throw some rice in later on, or put it in a brown paper bag for a bit.
  10. Napkin ftw.

    I heard weed roughly halves the fresh bud weight when dry.
  11. Assuming it's very fresh and hasn't been dried at all, it can lose more than half.

    Sounds like your bud's not that wet, just let it sit out for a little.
  12. if its fresh pit it in a paper bag for 8 hours. then put it in a plastic bag for 7 (this redistributes the moisture in it so the outside doesnt get really dry and the center is still moist) repeat this a few times lessening the time each time you swith bags. rotate every so often
  13. Glass jar with a couple silica baggies wait a couple days, do not rush it! You will lose a lot if you do and the smoke ill suck, if its straight off the plant it can go a little less than half weight, hopefully its just a little sticky do the same but you wont have to wait very long and probably got a fair deal. If its really fresh im afraid you got dooped.

    Dont buy wet weed please, drying is a vital part of producing good bud.
  14. Mold can happen, but it won't if you put in jars with some tissue paper at the bottom, and at the top (like a weed sandwich) it'll dry out perfectly
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    Put in any semi porous cloth, close the cloth, put in microwave for 25s. Weed preferably ground.
    p.s My weed went through a washing cycle, it was Really wet.

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