drying the bud

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by Dhes1234, Jul 1, 2002.

  1. hello i am a newbi at growing, and i would like to know how long i should dry my bud, and when and where to cut the stem. i have about 8 plants, one is a small outdoor chronic one that is very bushy?
  2. i like you signiture.lol. try to cut it at the very bottem as far as you can go.try going to the forums in indoor growing here.or klozitking.com and look at budding and stuff
  3. Once you have decided to flower, then when you are satisfied that the bud has ripened enough and is ready for harvesting, dig up the whole plant,roots n all, hang upside down (outhouse/garage ideal) in a ventilated area, the plant should be ready to remove the bud once you can "snap" the branches ('bout 8 days)
    good luck have fun!
  4. removing the buds and putting them in a brown paper grocery bag works well. Dry them in a mason jar. Cover the jar and place on a window sill. Let moisture form on inside of jar. Open jar until moisture evaporates. Repeat the process until you bud is dry. Try smoking a bit. This accomplishes two things. One it lets you know if your bud is dry and ready. Two, it gives you an excuse to smoke your bud.

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