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Discussion in 'Advanced Growing Techniques' started by bud stuffer, Sep 15, 2003.

  1. i am not exactly looking for an advanced growing technique so much as an advanced drying technique.

    i have a slight problem. i have some very stinkiy herb that i need to dry quickly but i don't want to take away from the potency. i am in dorms and my roommate doesn't chief. it is under an eighth.

    my question is how can i eliminate the odor of drying without ruining the taste and get it done as quickly as possisle.

    any ideas?

    i have it in a tin with a paper towel, and salt packets to absorb a bit of the moisture. i can't just leave it out. i don't want to leave it in my car, it might get too hot. though i think that is where it is going until i can come up with a better idea.

    i thought about maybe building some sort of drying box that has dryer sheets stuffed in the ventalation holes. but i don't know if that would effect the taste.
  2. drying box, dryer sheets and a hair dryer in a bathroom with an exhaust fan.
  3. hmm.. i was thinking somewhere along those lines but i am short a hair dryer and a bathroom that an RA can't walk into.

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