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(Drying) stem snaps vs doesnt snap!

Discussion in 'Harvesting and Processing Marijuana' started by kushswag, Nov 11, 2012.

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    What are your opinions on how to properly dry cannabis befor curing in mason jars.

    drying till the stem snaps vs drying till buds are crisp but stem doesnt snap yet.

  2. I was always under the impression you were supposed to wait until the stems snap. But, I don't grow so I can't say with certainty.
  3. seems like it gets to0 crispy when u dry it till the stem snaps
  4. i always use the snaps method. the buds will feel crispy on the outside, but when you put them in the jars, the inner moisture will moisten the outer part of the buds.
  5. do u wait till the main stalk snaps? these autoflowers are really crispy and the main stalk doesnt snap yet.
  6. I jar when the outside is crispy and he stem is stiff but doesn't quite snap otherwise its to crispy. Just open you jars a little more the first few days
  7. still its too crispy. is a RH of 38-45 bad?
  8. I'm always the impression that you want 50-55 RH and then you don't have to open it anymore. That's the optimal RH you're looking for. It seems like 38-45 is way too low and you're already past the part of too crisp. Don't worry about it tho, just make sure they don't go any lower.
  9. wait until the stems snap. it will prevent that nasty "hay" "grass" smell during the cure. the buds will feel crispy but the inner part of the bud is still moist so as it cures the inner part remoistens the outer crispy part and your left with a perfectly dried cured sticky bud.
  10. my stems generally dont snap cleanly but close after 4 days hanging in a closed room at 90 degrees, rh 60-70 fan blowing. jarred for 5 days and it came out really good for the short cure. (i was under the gun to get it smokable)
  11. Total myth to waiting till stem snaps. Pretty vague even if it was true. I have had plants that took way beyond the buds being powder to the touch before the stem snaps. Use your bud moisture and your hands and common sence. lol, wait for the stem to snap.... you could be there for a month. Just an overall gay way to do it. But hey, do what you want, its your weed.:smoking:
  12. The best info I found was using a Caliber III Hygrometer and being a bit more scientific about it.


    70%+ Humidity and they need to be dried on a tray longer.
    You shoot for maintaining 60-65% as long as possible, while burping daily (or more).
    Once you hit 55% the cure is dead, and it is smokable, unless you like it a bit drier (some prefer 45% but any lower it is too crumbly). I'll see if I can find the original post I have read. I started doing it this way, and there is no guess work.

    <a href=http://download.cnet.com/YouTube-To-MP3/3000-2071_4-75810474.html >youtube to mp3</a>
  13. Well that was easy:

    What is the best way to dry and preserve the cure for smooth, sweet buds?

    Key Portion:

    It's a very simple and effective process:

    Cut the product, trim it per your preference, but don't dry it until the stems snap. Take it down while the stems still have some flex, but the product feel dry on the outside. This is a perfect opportunity to drop the dry-feeling flowers onto a screen and collect prime-quality kief that would otherwise get lost in the jar.

    Jar the product, along with a Caliber III hygrometer. One can be had on Ebay for ~$20. Having tested a number of hygrometers - digital and analog - this model in particular produced consistent, accurate results. Then, watch the readings:

    +70% RH - too wet, needs to sit outside the jar to dry for 12-24 hours, depending.

    65-70% RH - the product is almost in the cure zone, if you will. It can be slowly brought to optimum RH by opening the lid for 2-4 hours.

    60-65% RH - the stems snap, the product feels a bit sticky, and it is curing.

    55-60% RH - at this point it can be stored for an extended period (3 months or more) without worrying about mold. The product will continue to cure.

    Below 55% RH - the RH is too low for the curing process to take place. The product starts to feel brittle. Once you've hit this point, nothing will make it better. Adding moisture won't restart the curing process; it will just make the product wet. If you measure a RH below 55% don't panic. Read below:

    Obviously, the product need time to sweat in the jar. As such, accurate readings won't be seen for ~24 hours, assuming the flowers are in the optimal cure zone. If you're curing the product for long-term storage, give the flowers 4-5 days for an accurate reading. If the product is sill very wet, a +70% RH reading will show within hours. If you see the RH rising ~1% per hour, keep a close eye on the product, as it's likely too moist.
  14. Every book ever written on cannabis does not say dry until the stem snaps and then cure for the fun of it. These people know what they are talking about. Anyone that disagrees...wheres your book!? If your RH is way too low then you may need to brown bag it to slow the dry down but still until the stem snaps!

    Sweating wet bud is just another added process from human intervention that in not needed to properly dry buds!! Rh meters and jars lmao me or any other serious grower would need hundreds of jars or full body jars and hundreds of meters. This is just not practical, and we are all still producing the dank.
  15. I somewhat agree but if you dont jar it, it will get dry and crumbly in no time no? I mean I grow for personal use and jarring in the only way I know of to keep the stuff fresh for long term storage. Guess if one were selling it off quickly then no jars would work.
  16. Weed is suppose to be dry. The moisture is water. Seriously what benefit do you get from smoking moisture? None. Only a greater possibility of a bacterial lung infection on a potential patient who's immune system could already be weaker then normal.

    Its not about keeping the buds wet its about drying them slow and even until completely bone dry. If you prefer smoking bud wet I am not sure why. The moisture could possibly be making the smoke less concentrated with more water vapor thus giving the illusion of a 'smoother' smoke but this is not true. Just take a smaller hit or have not such a tight sealing bong and that will give you the same illusion.

  17. when the main stem snaps. you have to be careful though. if you have a big/thick stem and small buds, the bud could overdry by the time the stem dried till it snapped.
  18. If the buds are crispy on the outside and your stems still bend put the whole plant in big plastic bag like a black trash bag and get out as much air from the bag before giving it a nice seal. check the plant every 12 hours or so. your buds should be getting moist again and your stems should be changing color and have less bend too. Hang it again until when you start bending stems you hear the snap but the buds are still spongy. just repeat this process until you get all the moisture out of the whole stem then there ready to store.

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