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  1. My past two havests were dried in a cardboard box with a CPU fan on low blowing air in. The buds are crispy and don't have a distinct smell. Is this from drying too fast? It still takes 7-10 days to dry. Also would it be better to have a fan pulling air out instead of blowing in??

    Temps are between 60 and 70 f and humidity around %30
  2. Put it in a jar....it will bring back the smell
  3. Its all strain dependent
  4. I agree it is strain dependant, my first grow was ch9 Jack which was meant to have very little odor. The next grow was thseeds kushage which smelled awesome as it was growing, slight diesel smell with a hint of citrus.

    The kushage has been dried over 9 days and jarred and has very little odor. Still smells a lot like fresh cut so maybe that's the case.

    Should I have a fan blowing air in or pulling air out of my dry box??
  5. 9 days is too long of a dry....read the sickies in the harvest section
  6. I've read em plenty, when the stem snaps etc.
  7. Read them carefully... One man's "Snapping stem" is another's "faint crack"... Don't take everything as a written in stone thing. I personally let 'em get crispy nugs outside, but still moist if you squeeze 'em, then I jar 'em. Some stems may snap at that point, some might just bend like a straw. 9 days is way too long.
  8. Well I have my third plant ab to hArvest should net me ab 2 ounces. Hopefully I'll get this one down better, it's a white widow x ak47 and she stinks right now. Fingers crossed.

    Seems my first harvest I jarred too soon, this one I jarred too late. Need to find that happy median
  9. Agree 9 days to long. Let them hang next time if you can. Jar them and get a Hygrometer to check humidity.
  10. I had them hanging . I took some down at day 7 and some down at day 9. CPU fan on medium blowing air in. I will exhaust this time on low and dry it much slower so it doesn't crisp, I feel that's half the problem
  11. 9 days way to long. That what u want but if your conditions are not perfect its will dry out to much an smell like hay. I don't know if a jar would save them cuz there is no moisture left in the buds to come out
  12. Agreed, Let the ouside get crispy, but moist on the inside, that way there's enough moisture to rehydrate the crispy in the jar. Had a batch that smelled like hay at first, . I had to harvest early due to nanners. I let them sit in the jar and opened every day. They smell pretty nice now. Get a Hygrometer, 33 bucks on Amazon and you'll soon learn when to jar by feel of the bud, not the stem.
  13. I hang mine for three days . Right around day three im able to smoke it but at day three they go I.to brown paper bags for two days then to the jar..i start giving it to friends to try around day five and its usually so bomb by then it doesnt need the jars..ive had only one harvest where there was one plant that the buds were so harsh on the exhale it had to cure..but otherwise the only curing I do is leaving it in the tupperware as I smoke it..never had a complaint and honestly I cant tell the difference.
  14. I wish a master grower could say here smoke this un cured nug and then be handed a cured one to see the difference.
  15. ok I am waiting on my kalashnikova to finish up. Should be around 2 oz's or so. I will wait 3 or so days when the outside is crispy and place them in jars. I will update this when I cut her down

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